C'mon ICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I know it's a ways off, but these cooler temps have got me Jonesin (Walleyejonesin). Guess I'll get the ol' Jiffy out and lube her up. Best perform a tackle inventory too.
  2. I'm not trying to hijack your thread but where are some good places around here to do icefishing. What is the necessary equipment? I just got into fishing this past spring and I haven't had a chance to look into icefishing but it looks like a blast. Thanks

  3. Don't Forget To Look At The Hardwater Discussions Forum, I Would Post There, Plus Theres More Information There On What To Use And All There Is A Question On There Similar To Yours.
  4. Yep, it's lookin good out there... even though it'll be weeks before we're drilling holes in inland lakes in NE Ohio.

    It still feels good to get the ole juices flowin' again and start thinkin about it. I've already found myself visiting a few tackle stores and fiddlin' with my gear.

    I strung new 4 lb Stren Hi-Viz on a couple of my rods. I know it's a little too stiff, but I can atleast see it and can normally add a 2 lb leader.

    Going thru my pin-min collection and seeing what colors I'm in need of and checking what other tackle or gear I'll need to buy.

    IT FEELS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Long term forcast looks promising........
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    No real warm up in the next 15 days is forcasted. Seen 5 or 6 nights it's going to be in the teens and highs not getting much above 35. Hopefully it's not too long before we get to hear the wonderful PING under our shanties!
  7. did inventory lined the reels and called the divorce lawyer before ordering more ice stuff. wife said she would leave if i spent anymore $ on ice fishing. looks like i will have more time to fish :)
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    bigcrappiehammer......Love your story man..... Will look for you on the lake. Should be easier to spot you.....We'll just look for the GUY with two black eyes and no limp( from walking up-right/with a much lighter wallet)....You might enjoy all that extra time.....THANKS again for the laugh.....Jon Sr.
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    Don't really know you bigcrappiehammer ? But my wife says after 32 years she' glad to get me out of the house in the winter on the ice or in the summer running my charter Boat !!! Heck she even buys me some of my ice stuff !!
  10. hearttxp: Same here in my household. If I stay in the house, the "Honey-do" List magically increases.

    To save my sanity and improve my mental health, I GOTTA GET OUT ON THE ICE!
  11. ya i here ya there john,,,,, im doing a lil checking on my gear as well,, im gonna have to restring some of my rods. those can wait though . i gotta focous on this deer season for about 3 more weeks, then i hope to slide over to the ice
  12. I quite hunting years ago, so my focus is all about ice fishing now..

    But Good luck in getting some venison.
  13. Channel 3 News stated morning air temps in Akron were +14..

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  14. hey thanks john,,, maybe i will bring some out on the ice to share,, i take my lil grill sometimes for llunch, when theres a group
  15. Sounds great... In all my +40 years of ice fishing, I've never cooked on the ice
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    ICJOHN......Thought of you early this morning as I looked out my kitchen window (while pouring my coffee).....and to my surprise......the creek that flows past my house, was all skimmed over with ice.... Tell you what man....for the 3rd week in Nov. thats cold...Calling for some rain tomorrow (later on)........Jon Sr.
  17. Most likely, I'll take a ride around Portage Lakes today and do a report for you guys.
  18. y a when i ice fish with a few guys i take a coleman grill , make eggs and bacon, then hotdogs for lunch,,, or what ever ya wanna eat and wash that down with a cold brew,,
  19. mrphish42

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    Careful John.....Lets not get to many people interested in what we love to do(ice fishing)..........( because from your favorite saying)We dont want the patients to take over the asylum.......Jon Sr.
  20. Misery loves company and insanity on the ice has its rewards also