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Clueless at WB dock

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Mooner, Apr 14, 2017.

  1. Regarding riding single file in a large group...I read an article a few years ago explaining how it would take longer for a car to pass group of say 15 cyclists riding single file vs. the same 15 riding 2 wide since the group as a whole would be shorter and take less time to pass. This is safer for riders, passing vehicle as well as on coming traffic. Reelwonders, sorry to hear about your brother.
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  3. Do you fellas believe it ok to fish off the dock when there's no boats around, and simply moving if a boat does come to use the ramp/dock? Just curious
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  4. J2jm


    There were 2 of them on the courtesy dock fishing Tuesday at the causeway at Mosquito. Didn't bother to move as boats were launching and retrieving. I thought about saying it was a courtesy dock and there is fishing on the break wall adjacent to the ramp.
    I worked around them and just shook my head. Did not say anything. I figure you just can't fix stupid
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  5. If it's posted ( as it is at WB Campground Ramp) No Fishing On the Boat Docks, that's exactly what it means.
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  6. X2! It is posted at every ramp I use(sometimes printed clearly on the driveup side end of the ramp)!
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  7. I've not yet been to a really busy boat ramp so far this year, and being fairly new to this immediate area, it'll be interesting and trying to see how many knuckleheads show up during the holidays. Can't wait! lol
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    Seaturd Catcher of Fish

    The ignorance and stupidity is world class. The knuckleheads outnumber the non-knucks.
  9. I replaced the prop on my boat recently and removed a nice size bird's nest of braided and mono fishing line from the shaft. I wonder how much of this was gathered at the docks just because people chose to fish from there.
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    Go to the state ramps on a holiday weekend on Sunday evening And really get a show on getting boats out of the water. It can get crazy..
  11. Should I bring my fishing pole? lolol
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    We went to W Branch years ago on the July 4 th weekend , parked by the west ramp toward evening, watched the crazies pulling out it was a show for sure.
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  14. Might want to check to see if you got any water in your lower unit.seals might be damaged.
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  16. Yeah, Chub...I checked the seals and they looked fine. No evidence of water. Probably something we should check periodically. I've checked mine twice now since buying the boat last fall. Thanks for the reminder. :)
  17. Well, the beat goes on. Since WB is my "home" lake now, I've ventured out quite a bit lately and while the fishing has been slow , it's always good to be on the water. Yesterday, however, as I came slowly motoring up to the dock at the campground, fenders on, and was just about to step out, a boat was backing down the ramp on the same side as me. The ramp was otherwise completely unoccupied! I made sure to tie off and give them plenty of room, but what the heck?! I stayed nearby and watched as they maneuvered around my boat and took off. Clueless.
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  18. I was driving on Nimishillen Church St. this past weekend on my way to Dale Walborn and West Branch.
    It's a winding , 45mph road. Went around a curve on a hill and a yahoo on a bike was riding the center line. He was so close he almost hit my driver side mirror. Talk about ruining his life, he would have ruined my and my family's life had I hit him at that speed. Very, very foolish and stupid on his part. Some people have no clue...[/QUOTE]

    I live on Nimishillen Church St and am amazed at the brazen way most of the bikes ride 2 and 3 wide down the middle of the road. Almost weekly I get behind a group 10-20 bikes, who refuse to ride single file. Usually happens when i'm towing either the boat or camper behind my truck. I never want to hurt anyone while driving, but these bikes make it dang near impossible to pass them safely while towing!
  19. center lane and 3 wide is a no go..... However, two wide is not only the correct way to train, but the legal way to ride as well. 10-12 riders single file will probably equal a stretch of road 55-65 feet long, or about two semi-trailers long. that's going to be very difficult to pass on any road, cut that distance in half by using a paceline and passing becomes at least possible.