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Clueless at WB dock

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Mooner, Apr 14, 2017.

  1. OK, so...after a day of fishing at West Branch today (no keepers :() I was approaching the campground launch area to find an entire family (and their dog!) fishing from the dock. 3 small kids, an adult male and female, and at least 10 fishing poles! Being new to the lake, and not totally sure of the rules, I managed to dock my boat. I did ask one of the kids to move, and the "dad" never said a word. He just sat with his back leaned up against one of the posts, bare feet and all. As I walked to get my truck and trailer, I checked to make certain, and sure enough, there is a big sign clearly posted that "no fishing from the boat docks". So....when I came back to my boat I brought it to their attention, and no one said anything! The guy just sat there, occupying the entire running around. Good grief! I stopped at the campground office to report it, but it was locked. It 's just like they can't fix stupid.
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  2. Most lakes you can fish on docks until April 15 and Milton is to may1. As for there ingorant acting that's a shame. Sorry you had to deal with people like that
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  3. I know that is true for "permanent seasonal docks" at State Park "Marinas" but not for put and take launching ramps(I fish several marina docks!)The ramp docks are for launching and loading boats(not for fishing) and those are clearly marked as such. The Campground ramp at WB is not a seasonal boat dock/marina.
    Tough enough dodging a fishermen and lines in the water on a launch ramp while trying to unload/load a boat, let alone an entire family! It is one of the things that BMA the most on public waters, usually causes some tense moments-and from my observations is Never enforced. The little ramp at Wft SP is the worst! Hardly enough room for one person to walk on to get a boat tied up. I encountered Three adult men once, each with two lines out, some of them into the drive side of the ramp!(No Fishing From Dock sign prominent at the front end of the ramp dock!) I politely asked the guy tending lines going into the ramp area if he'd reel up til I trailered my boat-Twice! He didn't even acknowledge that I was there! Well, he woke up when I eased up to the dock as my outboard cut his lines nearly pulling his rods off the dock, started mumbling some jive turkey bs incoherently. I tied up, walked sideways around the tackle boxes, stepped over rods and got my trailer, all the time keeping an eye on them. Went back, hopped into the boat, power loaded onto the trailer, and drove to the tie down area! Fortunately for all of us, nobody said anything! Yeah, you can't fix stupid, for sure.
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  4. You ran into the rare deaf/mute guy who can't read.
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  5. twistedcatfish1971

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    With a word spoken by a king...UNBELIEVABLE!
  6. had the same trouble a few years back at mogadore clear sign no fishing from dock
  7. jonnythfisherteen2

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    Indeed clueless. Most people look at the dock and think its just another place to fish and do not realize its for people to launch their boats off of. You can clearly tell this fact by looking at the design of the dock and the concrete leading into the water, and people who *actually* dont notice this are the people that im kind of iffy about reproducing.

    Ive fished off the ramp before. Sometimes theres decent fish around there. But when a guy comes to lauch his boat, i get off of it and let him get the spot. Some people ruin it for the rest of us by not being attentive. And think about this too.... these are the same people we share the roads with, who cant read a sign or pay more attention to their surroundings.
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  8. My wife and I enjoy riding bicycles. We mostly stick to the bike trail these days, since there are so many idiots on the roads, and apparently, fishing at the boat ramps.
  9. That's exactly what my wife said!!
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  10. ...and sadly, the adults are most likely raising the same type of children for further generations that have common sense to deal with.
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    One of the problems is enforcement at West branch. Seems they work bankers hours. Not when people are actually off work and using the lake. You can tell who has their stuff together and who does not. Quit harassing the people that do and get joe blow that uses his boat 2 times a year.
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    Most of the bicyclers that I encounter on the roadways are the biggest jerks of the day! Hogging the road, swerving out into the lane as a car comes by, not using signals, ignoring stop signs, then yelling obscenities at you if they feel you are too close! Roads are built for cars and trucks, not bicycles.
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  13. i think if you buy a bicycle you should first have to take a test so you know what the laws of the road are too many times i have a bicycle coming at me in my lane and especially at night my reflexes arnt what they use to be . the last thing i would want to do is hit someone.
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  14. bikes don,t belong on roads .and the idiots at the docks ,just do your thing unload/load .
  15. I would have to agree about many of the bicyclists acting like the drivers should yield to them at every turn. It's another case of the rotten apples giving others a bad name. Back in the day, as a 12 yr. old paperboy on a bicycle with a 12 mile route and 88 customers, I was faced with all kinds of bad and dangerous situations. Sometimes I don't know how I survived...truly. I would never have let my kid do And yet, here I am. I survived to share all these experiences with you fine people. :)
    Time to fish!
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  16. Too often I see bikes coming at me too. Often times they're on a 4 lane road and cars beside you. What are ya to do? Then they put bike lanes on these streets and ya never see bikers on them. Just congests the car traffic. They do that for the few hipsters too cool for a car. The ones biking down for their next king cobra are lucky to keep balance let alone know biking street rules.
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  17. bikes have a right to be on every road exept the freeway i would like to see that changed to any road with a speed limit of 35 or less but then again that just my opinion.
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  18. Problem is them following laws. They need to go with the traffic. It isn't like walking in the road you go facing traffic. I use to bike 10 miles a day RT to work n back. Then I bought a car.
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  19. matticito thats why i said if you buy a bke you have to learn the laws before you get it.
  20. I know down here in the hills, bike riders create a real danger. Mostly to themselves but to vehicles that come over the hills and try to avoid them. Every year down here there's either one that gets hit or a car over an embankment that couldn't go left the center and had to take the ditch to keep from running over them. Most don't run any tall flags so often times when cresting a hill, you just don't see them till the last minute. And many times, they're in a group.