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Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by big fish, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. big fish

    big fish big badd bass fisher

    hey everyone, i am a 17 year old bass fisherman looking for a good bass club to join around the Cleveland and elyria area. but not coming up with any good results. so i was wondering if any one on here can help me to find a club. thanks for any help

  2. zipperneck52

    zipperneck52 fished with Noah

    Tri-County Bass electric only club used to cover alot of lakes & res's from norwalk to ladue. i lost touch awhile back. they used to meet at the Gander Mountain at cobblestone plaza, avon. a terrific bunch of people and some great fishermen.
    Any of you people out there? Get this kid started.
  3. dmills4124

    dmills4124 don m

    Try stopping in at some of your local bait and tackle or sporting goods stores. Ask for the manager of the fishing dept and ask him for the name of the clubs in your area. Thats how my wife and I got started. Most of the bigger clubs will ask them for donations for to give away when they have their open tourniments. All of the clubs will have a membership fee. Some will have Cash tournaments and others will fish for points. The points only clubs will be more open to help you learn The members are not as closed mouth about lure or techniques or areas they fish as the clubs with cash $'s on the line. You could also join FLW or Bassmaster as a Co-angler but that get a bit pricie. I'm not sure but I heard that FLW has eliminated the co-angler this year and replaced them with an observer. They also require all the seasons entry fees up front. $50,000 in one lump some you better have some really good sponsors.
    Good luck. What a great time to get into Bass fishing competition. It will soon be as big as Nascar.
    Great fishing and good luck
  4. dmills4124

    dmills4124 don m

    A PS: to my last post. Go to "" They have the listing of most of the clubs in the state. Another web site to learn from is "" there are several pros on this michigan site that are able to help you out with differant ?'s you might not get the answers to around here. I have my suspicions that KVD has logged on there a few times.
    good luck