Closing on a house today

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Tee, Oct 20, 2004.

  1. Tee

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    Well today is the day I am closing on my house. I'l be in debt up to my eyebrows. :eek: This is my 1st house so I'm kind of nervous. I know in the long run it will be a great investment.

    No more apartment living for me. In the last few years I have seen the crime rate drasticly increase in the apartments where I lived, and i live in a expensive apartment complex area. People getting their stuff stolen off of their balconies, I see Sheriff's crusers in the parking lots about every other day. A couple of years ago some scumbag had the nerve to steal a BIG stack of firewood that I had cut and split myself from my parents woods. I was going to cut and split more then insert an M-80 inside one of the pieces of wood and set it out there again, but knowing my luck someone innocent you get hurt and that isn't worth it at all. Then some smartelick tried to be funny and Keyed everyones car including my truck in the build adjacent to my building. I was so mad I told the sheriff If I caught the person who did it, I'd run him up the flagpole by his underwear. :mad:

    So now I'm off to being in debt. Hey at least the boat is bought and paid in full.....I mean I got priorities.... :D
  2. Hope you have a good place to store that boat at the new house as you won't be using it all that much anymore. ;) Congratulations on the house. I can remember the same feelings on our first one. Good luck. :)

  3. Nothing like owning your own place-cutting grass,hot water heaters,roof repairs-the list goes on-lol it realy is better ;) congrats
  4. Fish4Fun

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    Congrats on the new home it is alot better than renting we bought our first home 3yrs ago, its little more work but well worth it.
  5. ghart7059

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    what jerry was trying to say is its more work for his wife i know how many times a week he goes fishig just check his posts hey congrats on the house the wife and i are looking
  6. Good job Tee, you gotta grab a piece of the pie when you can. The price of land is getting high and its good not having people on the other side of your walls and ceiling and floor.
  7. congrats - you are now owned by a house - i'm on my 5th. owner
  8. hardwaterfan

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    congrats! room to spread out, and peace and quiet. good job. and like action said no one on the other side of the walls. I always felt so dang cooped up in an is much better.