Close Enough?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Hetfieldinn, Nov 17, 2008.

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    wow--i dont think ANY amount of that scentlock stuff could mask the smell that would be coming from my pants during those 3 minutes ;)

  2. that was close wonder what he would of done if that was a big bull runnnnnnnnnnnn lol or climb the tree
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    it's amazing that he didn't end up being a greasy spot on the floor of the woods!
  6. Pretty cool experience...I am amazed they were able to keep their composure.
  7. How cool to catch that on camera!!
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    WOW..sniffing out the broadhead...dang, talking about to close for comfort. Amazing video that's for sure.
  9. Wow! That is amazing! He is certainly lucky that she didn't spook or it may have been a video that would not be fit to watch.:eek:
  10. Or suicidal hunter!;) I doubt that I would have had the guts to remain still to that point.

    Apparently moose do not care about smells. He did not even flinch at the threat of a foreign smell.
  11. Cool.....Please change my Depends.......
  12. maybe draw and release!!!% :!
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    That cotton pickin' moose had that broadhead in its mouth! :eek: And then it stops and gives the hunter its broadside before ambling off!

    Awesome video!

    In a million years you could never convince anyone that that had happened without the video.

    Thanks Steve, it didn't lose anything in translation. :p
  14. I'll bet if they moved that moose would of kicked the snot out of him sense she had a calf. Like bkr said. Suicide hunter. lol
  15. great stuff right there!
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    if you look in the vid you can see that the trees are whipping around... I'm pretty sure he was ever so slightly downwind. Guess that scentlock stuff works GREAT!

    I think I'd rather stink haha.
  18. I don't think it was a matter of "downwind". Not when he was less than a foot from the guy. It would take hurricane force winds to clear scent from that close to you.;) I just think they apparently do not fear human scent like whitetails do, or any other animal that may get hunted more.