Climbing Tree Stand

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  1. I have a climbing tree stand for sale or trade. I bought it at Wallly World last year for $80.00 and used it twice. I will sell it for $50.00 or trade it for a chain on tree stand with a wide floor or for 16 foot climbing sticks. Thanks...........Rich
  2. Rich what weight limit? what type of stand? How big is seat? sling type seat? or pedestal? or what?

  3. The weight limit is 250#s. The seat measures 16 inches long x 12 inches deep. Its a sling type seat. Its real close to Hunters View the Praire Falcon tree stand. The seat on my tree stand is better than that one though. Hope this helps you some Bull.. Talk to you later.......... Rich
  4. BUMP,,,,, BUMP,,,,,,, Wife say's I can't buy another till I sell this one.........LOL. Help me out guys..... Rich
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    Do you have a pic? I am interested if I can see what it looks like.
  6. Sorry don't have a camera but go to Hunters and its pretty close to the Prairie Falcon. Thanks...... Rich
  7. Tree stand sold..............Rich