Cleveland Vs. Detroit ..Eastern Conf. Finals

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  1. How do you think the series will pay out?
  2. Detroit in 6 games. The big Z always disappears when playing the Pistons. LB will have to play out of his mind to get to go 6 games. Sad but true.

  3. I think the cavs can win the series but it's not goin to be easy. I think it will go game seven.
  4. I'll be suprised if it makes it 6 games...I think that 2 game skid against the Bulls was a real eye opener for the Pistons. Having said that...I would love to see a Cavs/Spurs NBA final...
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    usually cleveland teams blow it in the end but I always have hope. I love underdogs!
  6. Young gun.....I agree with you but my heart says we can win it if we step it up a little all around...we need an answer for Wallace.
  7. I think that needs to be Varejao. He's a great energy player off of the bench (I love that role for him)...but Goodden/Z just don't match up well. Atleast he's lenky enough to disrupt Wallace's outside game and not quite as slow as the other 2 guys. The thing that stinks about that is that he can't spread the floor by making jumpers like Z *usually* can...and they need Gooden on the glass.

    I think another good question is, who is Pavlovic going to guard??? He can't chase Rip off of screens...and I want Hughes on Billups. Should be interesting!

    I'm glad I got to see my boys put Phoenix out in 6! The Suns never bothered me until this series...Mike Dantoni is suuuuch a baby!
  8. My note to the Cavs...
    Play EVERY game like it's game 7! & Hit free throws!

    I think they'll play hard, although they need to stop launching 3s 10 seconds into the shot clock. I really think their free throw shooting could make them or break them in this series.
    GO CAVS!!!
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  10. I think the Cav's can win it but it'll take 7 games to do it. Not putting any money on it though.