Cleveland Teams

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by hahner724, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. I Am Getting Real Tired Of The Owners Of These Cleveland Teams, Not Spending Any Money. The Cavs Are 1 Or 2 Players Away From An Nba Championship, And As I Watch Espn News I See These Other Teams Sign These Players, Or Trade For Them,they Know What They Need Just Go Out And Do It, Or The James Countdown Of 2 Years Will Be A Reality!!!

    Now The Indians, I Understand The Cc Trade, I Guess, I Think If They Would Have Waited A Little Longer They Would Have Gotten More.the Dolans Dont Want To Spend Any Money. Lets See Carmona Was A Good One , And To A Degree Westbrook, But Hafner What A Joke. He Has Never Been The Same Since He Was Drilled In The Face. All We Keep Hearing Is Next Year Or Building For The Future, Why We Produce All Stars Then We Trade Them Or Let Them Leave, But I Guess As Long As People Go To The Games And Buy Their Merchandise It Will Never Change, Boy For It To Be 1995 Again!!!

    Well At Least We Have The Browns And Bucks!!!
  2. i didnt understand the casey blake trade? hes not an overpaid superstar... i think hes an underpaid great player that just loves to play the game. i wish they would unload paul byrd though.

  3. from what i hear they have a good shot at getting him back at the end of the year blake that is.