Cleveland Steelhead and Walleye tourney

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  1. K gonefishin

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    Tom (Peerless) posted this in the Erie forum figure I'll drop it here as welll since this is where it belongs. I'm very good friends with these guys and they run a good tourney, I fished the Edgwater one last year, a good time for sure.

    Saturday, July 14th 2007
    Entry Fee is $160.00 per team, Cash Only – No checks.

    Participant’s cost includes: Prizes, hamburgers, beer and soda.


    1) All participants must have a valid Ohio fishing license.
    2) Teams – minimum 2 people, Maximum 4 people.
    3) Start time is 6:00 AM. NO LINES IN BEFORE 6:00am.
    4) Latest acceptable check-in time 3:30pm – absolutely no exceptions.
    5) No white walleyes
    6) 15” minimum
    7) Tournament held in U.S. Waters only – No Canadian water
    8) Two lines per person maximum (standard Ohio law)
    9) Each fish measured to nearest 1/8 inch
    10) Each team to check its’ six (6) biggest Walleye and 5 biggest
    Steelhead. Prize for biggest walleye and biggest steelhead.
    11) No foul hooked fish – must be hooked through the mouth.
    12) Weather – In the event of severe weather the tournament hours may be delayed, suspended or cut short. The tournament may be rescheduled for Sunday if weather permits according to NOAA Weather forecast or canceled
    at the discretion of the tournament directors. If the weather is not safe for Saturday or Sunday the tournament will be cancelled.

    This is a fun one guys, pop, beer and food included.

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  2. anyone getting in the needs a partner please let me know thanks

  3. Dock Time

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    I second what Kevin says and would fish this one if I could. Tom runs a good show...
  4. peerlessfisherman

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    Thanks guys! It should be a good tourney.
    If anyone has any questions feel free to give me a call at 216-215-4637 or email me at
  5. K gonefishin

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    BUMP, this is going to be a very fun event guys, pop, beer and food afterwards too. Both Steelies and Walleye can be found just about everywhere off Cleveland, should see lots of nice fish.
  6. creekcrawler

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    Can't wait. The girl always wanted to try a tournament...
    Look out for the little Tiara.
    Probably see you guys thursday evening.:D