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Got up early and made sure the lake was flat enough for my little boat today and it was so I decided to give it a try. Started shallower and only got trash fish on colorado harnesses. Headed to deeper water around the crib and the screen was loaded...with white perch. Went out a little deeper and found a little pod that everyone passed up on their way to Canada:D I switched from slow colorados to a faster troll with double willows and spoons. Couldn't get a bite on the spoons but the willows were good. Orange with gold was best. 2oz inlines 80'back got all the bites. Once I found them I went 9 for 9 in about 2 hours. 20 to 24 inchers. The "Lake Guardian" EPA boat came through almost on top of the pod and might have shut them down. I was ready to leave anyways. A good day on the lake!

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