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cleveland metroparks?

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by WINative, Sep 20, 2004.

  1. Has anyone fished any of the small lakes or ponds in the Cleveland metroparks? I spent a couple of hours fishing (5pm-8pm) Hinckley Lake yesterday, both from shore and a rowboat. I tried hook & crawler, small spinner, jig & twister, and a topwater at dusk, but caught nothing. At least a dozen other anglers were out there, but I didn't see them catching any fish.

    At this point I'm scratching the steelhead itch (my first time) by bouncing around the Cleveland area looking for some small-water entertaining fishing. I'm also interested in perhaps some smallmouth fishing in the rivers in the area (when they become fishable again). I'm new to the area. Any tips?

  2. If you're in the Cleveland area, there's a lot of good fishing nearby. Keep your eye's on this forum and join in on anything that interests you. Most guys here are pretty cool, so don't be shy....just ask if you have any questions. The Cuyahoga river in Brecksville should one of your go to's close and it holds fish.

    Keep watching and participating in the topics. I'll PM you when the steelies are in

  3. Dingo


    Two lakes in the berea area are somewhat heavily fished, but do have some nice ones available once you figure them out. Wallace lake has some decent sized bass, fair crappie, small bluegill, and some big channel cats. Hit the places where water enters the lake during/after a rain and you will have a ball with the big channels and carp. Coe lake (not in the metroparks, but close - behind the berea police dept) has some bigger bass than wallace, as well as some smaller crappie and bluegill. Both have some nice stucture within casting range from shore once you figure out where the breakpoints and rock piles reside. Wallace also has trout stocked for ice fishing around Christmas and again in the spring.

    Smallmouth bass is best in the lower end of the rocky river from April thru June, when the big guys from the lake enter the river. Other times of the year smaller bass are available, with a few bigger ones thrown in. This time of year, I hit the lakeshore for smallies, where the big ones become available again.
  4. Thanks for the advice. Perhaps I'll check out Wallace Lake some time this week.

    Berea is southwest of Cleveland, just south of the airport.