Cleveland metro park deer

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  1. DE6B489D-070E-46D3-9D13-4FDCCE192CBE.jpeg buddy was fishing rocky this morning and ran in to this beast. Tried to get a carcass tag but not happening in Metroparks. They asked him if he could tell how it died and he found a small caliber hole in neck. they advised him they been youthinizing deer recently and that was one of them. Advised that if he got caught removing deer or parts he would be arrested!
  2. This pisses me off.
    A lot of other metro park systems let bow hunters in.

    If the hired guns come in shoot does only.
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  3. what weight rod did you use ? :D

    Agree, if you are culling deer for population control, shoot the does.
    Why spend tax payer money when there are guys willing to pay for the opportunity...( i know, liability, etc. )
    Nice Buck.....
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  4. bobk


    That's a flat out shame. What a messed up program. Such a waste of a beautiful creature.
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    Coyotes can have the dead animal but I'm not leaving the rack, sorry. I tend to be pretty 'law abiding' but that is stupid and I'm not leaving the whole thing for waste.
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    The metro parks would rather spend the money to pay sharp shooters to kill deer at night versus hunters killing them during the day. Last thing they want is to have a lottery so a handful of hacks out of the group wound and lose deer with arrows sticking out of them running around the park. The metro park hunt that I did in Toledo was an absolute joke. They made you take a "proficiency" test before you could even apply for the hunt. I had to wait at Bass Pro Shops in Rossford for over 2 hours just to shoot shoot 4 arrows out of 5 in a 10" circle at 20 yards to pass. The worst part is they let people practice before taking the test. Standing there waiting my turn made you feel bad for deer. Seriously there were people who could not even come close to passing this test. This also was the case with crossbows. My Hoyt was in the shop getting new strings and cables. I slapped a sight on my bowfishing bow and passed the test with that. Also I did not even bother taking my muzzy spincast reel off the bow. Yes it sucks for hunters but I completely understand why they do this.
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  7. What pisses me off is we taxpayers have a park that we pay for but we can't hunt it. But u can watch birds an jogg etc.
  8. Just make sure you vote for the next levy.NOT ME!!!
  9. Thats Cuyahoga county for you
  11. Slashbait,I found a bikini babe with a rack like that at almost the same spot.Was laying on one of those paddle boards.I ran away.
  12. Seen this over on AT won't be long and someone will snatch it up. Pm me the location I will grab it. No worry's as I don't steelhead fish
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  13. PETA,HSUS, & Metro Parks- Quite the love triangle.
  14. They ought to be cited for stream litter.
  15. I always have a saw in the truck...park would have never got a call.
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  16. They came and got it ASAP
  17. Well said Flathead. I would like to see a controlled hunt take place in the Medina, Ohio Park System but it is truly impractical to allow the random public participate or to try and close off areas for a hunt. Unfortunate but true. Perhaps there is a well thought out and enforceable solution that could be implemented.
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    Another problem would also be hunters getting drawn and not shooting anything but a wall hanger. Doing that only takes one deer out of the system. There are too many angles that people would find a reason to complain about. They are and will not makes everyone happy so they just hire a company to get rid of them.
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  19. To prevent that they would have to go to a earn a buck program in the park that requires you to shoot one doe first
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