Cleveland Marinas

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  1. I fish a lot of marinas in the western end and the perch fishing has been terrible the past few years. I have never been on the ice in the Cleveland area so don't know much about it. Does anyone ever perch fish any of the marinas up that way? I would think since they catch perch off the breakwalls in the fall, there should be perch in the area this time of year as well. Any thoughts?

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    Most of the Cleveland guys that hit the marina's are after crappie, bass, gills, steelies and smelt, and sometimes pike (smelt as bait) on the bottom. I don't know of any guys that venture out to the outer wall to try and catch perch, I'm sure you can find them outside the lighthouse wall at 72nd street but the ice is never safe out there (nothing to lock it in). I'm sure there are some perch around but never hear of anybody doing any good on them.