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    I managed to make it out last night to do some fishing but it was all for not. I went down to 72nd, 55th and edgewater. The lake was extremely clam. The shad were in there rather heavy. Did manange to get to 72nd in time to watch a guy reel in a nice hen at around 6:15pm. Other than that the only other thing caught was a Gull that was feeding on shad. I think it may have been a stae record but the gentleman refused to measure it and take it to the scale so he let it fly off to be caught again. Otherwise it was a good night to be out. hopefully this weather will turn around for us and we can get some serious lakefront fishing in. See You on the water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    i experienced the same thing last night. conditions are right but the fish just arent biting. hopefully all it takes is a little nudge somewhere for things to hit perfection.