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  1. Listening to the Indians on the radio is very enjoyable to me i look forward to it at the end of a fishing trip on the way home it is part of the trip. I am looking for a place to find the radio stations that broadcast there games from columbus to port clinton and from cbus to saltfork and cbus to clearfork if anyone has stations in the area that broadcast them please post them for me. Also i have been thinking of getting a sirus radio to listen to them but was wondering if anyone new if they had a channel for the indians?
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    I agree, I would rather listen to Tom Hamilton on the radio, he's da man ! Northern Ohio 95.3 FM, 1100 AM or 1450 AM. If you get Sirius I think they have a channel for every MLB team.

  3. wman 1400 am Mansfield
    92.7 fm
    104.5 fm
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  5. How adout HD radio? Don't know the price, but they do sell converters for your car radio. works with your exsisting radio, plus you can get WTAM any where without the static.

  6. What is WTAM and i just sort of thought HD radio was a gimmick
  7. WTAM is the flagship radio station of the Cleveland Indians 1100 AM. 50,000 watts.
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    Acutally it is XM that carries MLB. Of course, they are merging with Sirius, so you will get everything soon.
  9. Thick Rick any ideas when the merge is? And will there be a station that broadcast the indians games when they are on?
  10. I too Enjoy Listining to the BIG ONe WTAM 1100 .. and Tom Hamilton...

    Go Tribe!

    Let's not forget the"Babe of the Day" on there web page

  11. Didn't 1100 AM used to be WWWE? When did they switch to WTAM?
  12. You're right.It uses to be WWWE but they changed call letters a couple of years ago. I think when they were purchased by clear channel or someone.
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    Sorry I didn't get back to you on this sooner. The justice department approved the merger on March 24th. Now the FCC has to approve it. That decision is expected any week now. Once the merger is complete, if you have Sirius, you will also get every MLB game. Now you never know which broadcast team you will get. So if it's an Indians game, it won't necessarily be Tom Hamilton. It may be whoever does the games for the opposing team.
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    Boy, you must be a glutton for punishment ! Lousy pitching, lousy hitting = Cleveland Indians.