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Cleveland Cavs

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by Snakecharmer, Mar 26, 2017.

  1. Yep...something they clearly did not do. Especially in the first two games.
  2. I never claimed that the poor officiating and fixing games cost the Cavs this series. All I am claiming is that the refs can and do control not only the tempo AND potentially the outcome of the game.

    IIRC Game 4 started with a bunch (2) of fouls called on key players in the 1st quarter. The refs then backed off allowing a flagrant foul on Durant (hit to the head on Lebron) right in front of the ref. They obviously could not let a star player eventually foul out of the game so they ignored it.

    Yes we won that game but just offering an example. And yes, something smells regarding the refereeing of NBA basketball.

    According to Bruce Drennan the NHL had the same bad rap so they added a 4th ref and the officiating improved. With a smaller playing area I don't know if a 4th ref could work.

  3. Adding a 4th ref will do nothing for the fixing of games if thats what you're wasnt least not this time...


    Just revisited the first few pages of this thread and it's crazy how differently people view this team. Seems like some of us had doubts and some had none lol. I don't know what they're going to do. Get rid of Shumpert and Smith would be a good start, I've never cared for either of them too much. Lebron made sure all of his boys got paid and no one is going to want TT. So do we trade Love for someone like Paul George? Lose a top 10-15 guy in love and gain another? Then we still have our big 3 going against golden states big 4 again next year. Buddy and I were talking tonight while catfishing, would the cavs even have won last year had green not gotten suspended??? It's just Clevelands luck, back in the early 90's when the cavs were good they ran into Jordan, now we run into this golden state team. Hopefully Lebron leaves the business decisions to guys who do it for a living so we can maybe win one more before he leaves again. Maybe just blow it all up and bring in some younger guys since we always have to rest during the regular season and never have home court advantage. That or.....try harder? Too bad they can't land Leonard and Anthony Davis!!!!
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  5. They still woulda won last year had green not got suspended...he wasnt suspended for games 6 and 7 or game 2...durant was the reason they won, no durant and cleveland is hoisting the trophy again this year...probably in 5 games, maybe 4.
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    I mean, I guess I'll take your word for it
  7. Flathead76

    Flathead76 Carp53.65

    Kevin love will be traded. He left his post game in Minnesota. I would bet that the Cavs trade him for melo. Phil Jackson wants him out so bad that the Knicks would do the trade and pay the difference in salary.
  8. TDD11


    I agree. Not only that, but I think the Cavs would have had it in 2015 had it not been for Love's and Kyrie's injuries. I don't think the Cavs would win in 5 without Durant, but I still think they'd pull it off.
    Carmelo is not an upgrade at all. Cavs need guys who can play defense.. Carmelo doesn't play defense, at least Love tries.
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  9. I'm the nba,especially against a team like gsw if you were to follow your shot in,you would get burnt on the other end every time you didn't get your own rebound. The way the games played now,very hard to always follow your shot in an still get back on d.
  10. Late 70's AKA Portland Trail Blazers, good players not superstars, one big factor in winning the NBA Championship was that Bill Walton was great at gobbling up the defensive rebounds and hitting the down court guys with the outlet pass. You have to rebound in this league.
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  11. Ya no dout rebounding is really important. On on some shots. Following it in can be an option. But just like the example you gave. If you follow in every shot your gonna get burned a lot....

    I think the NBA off season is the most exciting of all off seasons. Everybody trying to get into position to beat two teams.
    It's really crazy how different it is from other sports. Football it's so hard to repeat your success. In the NBA super teams become "all time" teams after losing a finals..... I'm really anxious to see what the Cavs do!
    It has gotten me,a play offs only type of fan really tuning in and paying attention when I normally wouldnt.
  12. Carmelo would most certainly be an upgrade over would lose some at the defensive end but the way the game is evolving its all has the tendency to disappear when it matters anyway...I'm hoping we pull off getting melo and george....and I dont really care if its at the expense of wont matter...and at this point you do ANYTHING to keep lebron happy or all this great basketball we've been watching for the past few years will be over and probably never be seen again in our lifetime...
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  13. Wasnt meaning follow every shot...
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  14. Carmelo for love would be interesting. And who knows. If he gets a chance to play in the finals maybe he would step his d up?I mean he is a great athlete so I know he's able to play good d if we wanted to. I think lb is willing to give up the shots to mello.... But who knows. It could be a disaster to.
    As bad as the Cavs got it handed to them,they may need more then just a love to _ _ _ _ _.....
    There bench got out played big time. D Williams is half of what he was a few years ago.....
    It's sounding like they go after George for a 1/2 year rental.
  15. Flathead76

    Flathead76 Carp53.65

    Melo for love would be an upgrade. I do not think there would be much of an adjustment period either. During the oylimpics LeBron's first option was melo. JR Smith has been his team mate on two different teams. Shump with the Knicks as well. Yes he does not like to play defense but that could change if he were on a team that wanted to win. The answer against golden state is not so much defence. You need a serious rim protector and a dude that will get you buckets. Melo will get you buckets. There has been talks in the past that LeBron wade melo and Paul would all take pay cuts to play ball with each other.
  16. That would be awesome for sure...and yes melo is a scorer.
  17. buckeyebowman

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    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! I am so sick of the "Carmelo Kool-Aid! He's a "ball stopper!" Once the ball hits his hands, it doesn't go anywhere else! Besides, let's take an already old team and make it even older! And with even less D and rebounding than they have now!

    The problem is the Cav's bench! Here's an interesting stat I heard just after the finals. In the finals the Cav's starters outscored the Warrior's starters by 19 points. However, the Warrior's bench outscored the Cav's bench by 53 points, I think. There's your series!

    And I don't really want Paul George here unless the Cavs can sign him for multiple years. I'm not into "rent a player"! Let him run out his string in Indiana and then go to the Lakers as he has said he wants to do!
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  19. the series was Durant and nothing else...I could give two craps about the bench(well not really but you get my point)...melo would put more points on the board than Love on avg...and thats all that matters...and btw...Im not for just adding melo alone...not at all...defense is becoming a thing of the past...gsw were one of the best defending teams in the league and the cavs roasted them...its about how many points you can score...which the cavs didnt do enough of thanks to Loves disappearing act and Tristan doing next to nothing...and its also about keeping lebron happy and you can bet yer sweet ass he wants melo here along with paul george, who will stay with cleveland to be on a championship contending team...dont fool must be one of the ones who wanna see lebron go bye bye again.
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