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  1. Anybody else worried about them? I would not be surprised if they don't return to the finals this year. They are getting so lazy getting back on defense that I'm afraid they won't shake their bad habits. Both Boston and Washington are hungry. If the Cavs don't get the one seed they may have to play both of them.

    It used to be said that you only need to tune in for the last 5 minutes on a NBA game. Now the Cavs are turning it into don't watch until the playoffs start. The regular season is just an exhibition season in their eyes.
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  2. This season I have been saying they will turn on the defense the last couple weeks and be ready to go for the playoffs. They just have to be healthy. Well after last night...yes I am worried as well. But hey they won it all last year and can't take that away. Go Cavs! Go Tribe!

  3. The way they been playing lately I don't think we need to plan for a repeat.
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    You could be right. Repeats are hard anyway. The only guy on the Cavs who actually plays D is LeBron, and I think he's getting fed up with picking up everybody's slack! Same thing happened in Miami.
  5. Another loss to the Bulls. The Cavs are a mess......
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  6. Lebron held a closed door meeting with the team after the Bulls game and apparently gave some arse whoopings as they finally played well last night. If they go back to their none defense mode again they do not stand a chance to win the East.


    I agree with you guys I just don't see a repeat happening. Lebron is great and all but I really don't care for him. After like 2005 the NBA has really gone down hill. A few weeks ago all that was on the radio was talk about how Lebron, Kylie, and love took some games off to rest. Then when they decided to come back to work, they lost some games and Lebron was chewing the other guys out. I miss the times when players/stars actually listened to their coaches and went out and gave 110% in all of their games.
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  8. That is why Jordan is the G.O.A.T.. He hated losing. LeBron doesn't have that attitude. When the CAVS rest their starts they get blown out. When other teams rest their starters against the CAVS, they blow us out. Is the words of Charles Barkley. ...Turrible.........
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    ^ yep. I also enjoyed watching Jordan and the bulls finally beat the pistons after years of failure. The games were intense and it made the victory that much sweeter when it finally happened. In today's NBA, all the star players just form super teams. The NBA season for me has become a 7 game series when the finals start. The playoffs used to be fun watching teams in the west battle it out but not anymore.
  10. How can you lose a 26 point lead in the 4th Qtr? Got to be close to a .500 team since Xmas.....SAD.
  11. Not playing defense is a good start.

    I hope im wrong but this team is going to get knocked out of the playoffs quickly. Soon after they are knocked out Lebron will run his mouth and claim he didnt have any help or enough "play makers" around him

    Im glad they brought a championship to Cleveland but i really cant stand Lebron
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    Well aren't you the dedicated fan. You know, they are the defending champions. You know, without Lebron, the Cavs don't bring a championship to beloved Cleveland. You sound turrible as a fan. I hate Lebron. Whining, and crying and baby talk out of you. Grow up!!
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    How can you lose a 26 point lead in the 4th Qtr? Got to be close to a .500 team
    LAZY.........they have been blowing leads or letting teams back into what was a blow out for 3 years.
    They get way ahead then let up on defense and quit passing and moving like they had been doing when they built the lead.
    Of course they aren't lazy people or generally lazy players, but they start coasting and playing lazy when they get big leads. It's a lot easier to watch kyrie handle the ball and drive to the whoop, or to watch JR throw one up than it is for all 5 guys to continue to move constantly as they pass the ball and set screens .
    I also wonder if all the roster changes is a problem too? They seemed to be really coming together just before the signed DErrick Williams. I guess he was the playmaker that king James wanted.
    IMO Lebron is easily the best basketball player in the world. However, I thinks his teams would be better if coaching and management were in charge and not him. A coach who was really in charge might be able to do something about the Cavs coasting when they get big leads
  14. They lost the Eye of the Tiger they had last year. Tough to repeat.
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  15. He is one of the greatest if not the greatest of all time, there is no denying that. I wish he would just shut his mouth and play the game though.

    by the way,another great performance by the Cavs tonight. At least they have some what of an excuse tonight
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    Pretty much spot on right there.
  17. Cavs played a tough game last night. Deron was out of gas-hasn't played minutes like that in many years. I see the rotation as part of the problem. Deron and others have to carry a bigger load and they can't because they weren't asked to do it earlier. They played decently last night without three starters.

    I remember two big defensive mistakes by Derick Williams and Kay Felder, they should have been playing last month to get those out of their system because they can bring intensity on the defensive end-especially Williams. For the few minutes he played, he was fighting through the screens like a pit bull.

    Overall defense was a little better last night and that's what matters. Perhaps having to go through as a two seed is best. They can improve throughout the playoffs to get ready for the finals. It's not going to be a cakewalk but I don't think a eastern team can beat us in a seven game series.

    The cavs won't advance though unless they get it together and that's better cause if they were able to waltz through like last year they could get swept in the finals. Go Cavs.
  18. They're in the playoffs, why push it now and risk your starters with serious injury at the worst time of the season? They will be deep in the playoffs, LeBron will see to it!
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    I'll be shocked if they aren't in the Championship again. They have smoked the top 3 teams in the East this year. When they want to turn it on, they can. It's hard to maintain that edge after winning a championship.

    There has been 3 other teams that won a championship and then had a team defensive efficiency as bad or worse than the Cavs this year. All 3 went on to repeat as champs. A little food for thought before we go throwing the team under the bus before the playoffs have even started.
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  20. I would have thought gaining home court advantage for the playoffs would be a priority to reward the local fan base with more home game opportunities. (chance for those unable to travel to attend). Seems that was not a priority as they let a lot of winnable games get away by resting a few players. Not flaming, just saying.
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