Cleveland Area

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  1. Im looking for a smaller pond around cleveland that is great for bass and any other worthy fish. any info on this would be great.
  2. Close to Cleveland: I have caught some exceeding 20" from Coe lake (Berea). Best from a float tube/canoe, but you can get some from shore as well if you know where to fish. Wallace lake has some bass as well, but I don't do as well in size. Some guys seem to do well in Hinkley, but it seems like too much of a mudhole whenever I'm there. Smallmouth and largemouth are available in the area harbors (edgewater/55th).

    Further out: Ladue (east) is hard to beat for size. You need a boat, but can get to some decent water by parking at the old boathouse and hiking over to the 422 causeway. This is one of the only public shorelines on the lake. Wellington reservoir (west) has some very nice bass available, and you can reach deep water from the 100% public shoreline. Best early/late in the day. The shallower water is actually in the middle of the lake, so a boat is nice to have.