Cleveland Airshow Safety Zones

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    The cleveland air show is back and due to FAA rules the inner harbor from Port authority dock 22 east to a point just west of e 55th street marina will be closed to all marine traffic and enforced by the Us Coast Guard. The zone will be in affect the following days:

    28th- 10:00-5:30
    29th- 9:00-5:30
    30th- 8:00-6:00
    31st- 8:00-6:00
    1st- 8:00-6:00

    During the blue angels demonstrations lakeside marina and forest city yacht club will be closed to all traffic during the following times:

    30th-1st- 3:30-5:00

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    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    Has anyone ever watched the airshow from the lake?

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    Is the inner harbor defined as inside the breakwall?
  4. I watch it every few years or so from the forest city yacht club shoreline. You can't see the whole show but can see most of the high stuff. Great view for takeoffs and landings, which are right in your lap.

    The inner harbor is what's closed out to about where sailing inc. is located, a bit west of east 55th. They will run you out and will keep you out. Some guys fish just to the east of there near the end of the breakwall.
  5. When the lake cooperates we sit outside the breakwall, off the airport. When those jets make high speed turns right over your head and you can see the afterburners and feel the shock...well, it's just plain awesome. Bring earplugs though, cause it is LOUD!

    Be careful after the show is over...I tried to head to the Cuyahoga a couple of years ago and found myself in 3-5 foot chop from the wakes of boats going in every direction at full throttle. Don't think I'll be trying that again..