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Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by jshbuckeye, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. Its getting close to where the season can get short in a hurry . Do you think the Indians can get to the playoffs this yr? Is there enough seasoned veterans to carry them very deep? Lets hope and pray the bats start to wake up again they have started to gradually start hitting again. Is our pitching strong enough to carry us deep into the play offs? Ive watched them all year andif we play as well as we are capable of offensively and defensively i say were headed to the series but our pitching has to remain solid and the bats need to continue to get more reliable on a reg basis.
  2. This team is a bit of a turnaround from the runs that they made in the 90's. They had plenty of hitting and the pitching was suspect. This year I feel pretty good about the pitching, particularly a 4 man rotation. And the middle relief has been pretty solid. The one place in the pitching that always seems to make everyone's heart skip a beat is the closer. Things always seem to find a way to get interesting when Borowski shows up. Amazingly though his overall success is pretty darn good. I think their defense is average or a bit above and if they make the routine plays they won't be a factor. They do need a few of the big sticks to heat back up though. It really hurts when you lose so many games when your starter has been lights out. Like you said they have found a few runs here as of late. Let's hope that is the start of a roll. If they play well they and the Tigers may still have a shot at both making it. I think the Tigers are only about 1-2 back from the wild card right now. But all I really care is whether the Tribe makes it in.:D:p

  3. I agree with Brian, the pitching not only a pleasany suprise, but solid thru the rotation. I wouldn't bet the farm they can get by the Red Sox or the Angels.

  4. I agree their pitching is solid, they have a good bull pin, things can get interesting at the end of a game, but that just reflects the competition in the AL. Hopefully their hitting continues to improve. The thing that gets me the most is them leaving runners in scoring position. I dont know the stats, but it seems that many, if not most games they lose they had oportunities with one or two guys on base, then get two outs back to back. I bet they would have the division all but locked up this year if they could get one hit in half of those situations.
  5. The Tribe can do it. They need Jake Westbrook to be on top of his game, I am not too concerned about C.C. or Fausto they have been solid. Hopefully the kid Cabrerra keeps playing well at 2nd and they keep hitting, they have won 13 of 16 games and just seem to be geting hot at just the right time.
  6. I agree that they are peaking at the right time, & I am most surprised by Byrd's w/l record. I was not a fan of his signing last year. To me, the BIG hole is the defense at shortstop. If the hitters continue to take pitchers deep in the count, they'll be ok, but not a "premier" team just yet. Although, if Haffner gets red hot, a lot can happen.
  7. I am excited about the Tribe's chances this year. I am impressed with how well they are playing despite the fact that very few of their big sticks are producing right now. Really Victor and Kenny are about the only two with what I would call a hot stick. Hafner, Garko, and Grady have been struggling somewhat. I too would love to see Travis get back in the zone because that could be the difference offensively that they need. The great thing is that their pitching is very good and that is where they are winning the majority of their ball games. Pitchers don't tend to go into slumps the way hitters do so I look for them to finish strong.;)