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Clev Browns

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by ARGEE, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. I Meant Cleveland Clowns..cant Catch A Pass Or I Said Before,you Want A Disappointment Just Watch A Cleveland Pro Sports Team Play..garcia Is A Good Quarterback But Doesnt Have Qualty Players To Back Him Up..browns Are Jinxed For Firing Paul Brown Yrs Ago..whatever Happened To Moddel?is He In Football Heaven,i Mean H-ell Yet?
  2. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    It is brutal to be a Browns fan, we are always dissapointed.

  3. Garcia is an average quarterback. Couch was an average quarterback. The O-Line still stinks, they've never used a high pick on one yet. The running backs would benefit from a o-line pick in the first round too. The receviers are slightly above average, but they do not make big plays when they need too either. The d-line is banged up, but even when helathy Courtney Brown and Gerard Warren are not impact players. First round picks must make impact plays week in and week out. The linebackers are young, but there have no studs rushing the passer. Andra Davis is a very good MLB, but again, he does not impact the game. He does what he is supposed to do, tackle and nothing more. The D backs are wildly overrated. The kickers are well above average...........hmmmm is Tressel running this team too.

    All and all, an average team. Average teams go 6-10, 7-9, 8-8. This team is on its way to that. Which means another pick somewhere in the 10 to 15 slot which will not net you an impact player. Year's end, Lerner pulls some of Davis' power cords, Davis throws a hissy fit and leaves for a college program. Hopefully.

    DOn't put much stock in that 3 point loss to Eagles. They played down to the Browns, we played up to them. When you have a team with inconsistent effort, it falls squarely on the coach. He needs to go. He's not Parcells. He's not Belicheck (sp?). But he has as much power as them? Doesn't make much sense. Too many Miami players too.

    And Winslow's going to be great at TE, but they could've had a great TE if they had signed Antonio Gates from Kent State as a free agent. Look at his stats for once lowly San Diego. Now they're fighting for a wild card.

  4. Warpath,

    I agree with a lot of what you cited here but not all. :D

    There are plenty of great impact players taken in mid to late first round. There are busts as well but that happens even up at the number one spot. The trick is to figure out the busts AHEAD of time. By the way Ben Rothlesberger was a number 11 pick last year and is one of hte biggest rookie impact of the year. A little bit more salt for our wounds. Kellen Winslow, JR. (remember him :rolleyes: ) was a number 6 pick. Which means we could have had Big Ben. Instead our managment decided they loved the west coast offense and went out and got Garcia. The only catch is that the rest of the offense is not suited for the west coast offense. So the offense is pretty slow to gel. They are showing some signs of improvement on offense but they will fall short again this year of being where they need to be.

    I don't think that drafting linemen in the early rounds is always the answer to offensive woes. O-line seems to be one of the toughest positions to adjust to at the NFL level and too many youngsters on that O-line seems to hurt teams. By the way Cleveland did draft an O-linemen last year (2003) in first round.;) Jeff Faine was a No. 21 overall.

    I am still not a real fan of Butch Davis and feel that they need to shop around for a new guy at the end of the year. He has had a few years to do his thing and it still seems to breed mediocrity.
  5. Let's remember that everyone was shocked that they took Faine that high. Everyone thought they could get him a round later. It was a horrible pick. Pretty much like most of Butchie's picks. It's time to go back to college Butch.

  6. I definitely agree with you on that one! ;)
  7. I agree with that. I think that is why I would hesitate to take linemen in the top of the draft when there are possible gamebreakers out there to be picked. I just think that linemen mature much more slowly and teams are often better served by acquiring a seasoned linemen as opposed to drafting one high.
  8. Hey, you guys can't tell us Bengals Fans anything about it's been a tough road.

    But.........we're starting to see daylight, give us a couple more years and Marvin will have it together.

    We could always use some new fans???
  9. I hear a lot of people say that the Browns should have went for "Big Ben",NO WAY! With the O line the Browns have,he would already be on crutches! A good line can make even a raw rookie like him look like an all pro.I have to agree 110% with what Warpath says,see ya Butch! I'm so sick of the conservative play calling under his regime,the old playing not to lose instead of just playing to win.I hate to beat a dead horse,but not going for the fourth and inches in overtime against the Eagles pretty much did me(and them)in.Why would you give Philly the ball when you only need 6",and at most 15 yards to get into field goal position? Does that even remotely show your offense that you even have a stitch of faith in them? Oh,by the way,the way,way over hyped Cavs are 0-3 too,ain't it great to be a Cleveland fan? Even though are teams suck,thank God I'm not a Pittspuke(bandwagon) fan!
  10. I agree that Big Ben would have certainly not put up the numbers at Cleveland that he is at Pittsburgh but I would have still taken him. ;) The thing is with Garcia (and I am not knocking on him) this is not the style of offense that he is comfortable with. He is accustomed to the west coast style with very few passes downfield more than 10-15 yards. The need to come up with a few more ball control style receivers, bigger and able to take on defenders after the catch , if they want to adapt to that style of play. Their receivers are all smaller and better suited for the stretch type of offense. I just don't think that in the years that Davis has been there that they have ever put together a good offensive scheme.