Clendening Saugeye

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  1. Any help with saugeye would be helpful.I used to fish it about 20 years ago,but the walleye at Mosquito started calling my name.My dad is the ranger at the boy scout camp on Clendening and would like to spend more time with him in the boat.THANKS
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    It's on Rt.250 near Tappan Lake. If anyone knows how and where to catch saugeye there or anywhere else it would be Jim Corey who owns Cripple Creek.



    I havent fished there in a few years. Right now the saugeye should be in the section from the deep end of the no wake at the marina to the swimming area. Id start with points and slow tapered banks in that section and then move into the bays. Just keep moving untill you find one. Take a mental note on what type of structure the fish was caught on and look for similiar structure in the same section.
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    i realize this is a different body of water than what we've been fishin here but the saugeyes have been on fire caught 31 in the last week on nothing but a green jig head tipped with a whole night crawler and hopped allong the bottom off of shallow rocky points and humps that rise into about 10 fow with about 15- 20 fow surrounding. i dunno if this helps u at all but i hope it does. i fish mainly upground reservoirs.