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  1. Wondering if anyone has been doing any good at clendening.bass,cat,walleye.Been doing great at tappan this year but would like to get away from the crowds.Any info would be great,good or bad.
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  3. thanks for the reply.goin out tonight do some bassin then see if I can get my boy hooked up on some nice cats.Would love to see him latch onto a big flathead.hehehe
  4. i bass fished down there the other day and caught a bunch of 12 inchers did catch a couple nice ones though one went 17 and the other 18,ive been catfishing there alot this year and have caught a bunch of nice channels havent got a flattie yet did have a couple real nice runs on bluegills and had one break off on 799 it hadto be a big one i couldent even turn it and it broke 50 lb test like butter!