clendening 1st time

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by BMS, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. BMS

    BMS That fish got teeth

    :) going to clendening for the week in the green&white stinger, say hey if you spot me and wish me luck. its my first time there.
  2. good luck!!ive been fishing there alot this year and the catfish and bass are finnaly turning on it shouldent be too much longer for those big eyes either!

  3. snag


    first time there on monday,a nice lake no speedy boats to bother you on a holiday,we were bassin all day, it wasn,t fast and furious but we did get all types of fish about 8 bass 1 saugeye some rock bass and a few white bass,and i got a small flathead on a berkley power bait,the bass were on the small side 13 inch types,and a lot holding tight to wood in the shady sides of the lake,some on shad type crank baits,and some on power baits,started at the dam up to the marina and back a real long day,but it was a good outing,at daylight a group of coyotes started howling and that was interesting,if a squirrel hunter was in that area i bet he was looking over his shoulder, i would be, with the safety off lol..