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Clendening 06/04 - 06/06...

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by TIGHTLINER, Jun 7, 2004.

  1. Hey Guys -&- Gals, I know that its been a while since I last checked in. But this weekend I got a chance to get out and do some fishing. Myself and some buddies went down to Clendening Lake with some family friends to camp out for the weekend. It was the first time that I was down there. It was a really nice place. For the most part the fishing was slow, the prices of bait at the marina were outrageous. Seeing the replica mount of the state record flathead catfish was overly cool, what an impressive beast. I caught 55 fish (52 Blue Gills, 2 Green Sunfish, and 1 Largemouth Bass) The Blue Gill and the Green Sunfish came on a chartreuse pin-men tipped with wax-worms floated under a bobber. The Largemouth Bass was only about 10 inches and it came on a white tube jig. The only other noteworthy fish caught by our party was a 16 inch Saugeye. The Blue Gill filleted up real nice for a little campfire fish lunch. I was absolutely amazed by how many limblines people set down there. We met up with a good ole boy down there and he some what showed us the ropes so friday night we set up 8 limblines, baited with live blue gill and chicken liver. We landed 2 small Channel Catfish and a Rock Bass. On Saturday night we set up 30 lines and baited with live Blue Gill, cut blue gill, cut gizzard shad, and chicken liver. We caught a decent little Channel Catfish and a small Snapping Turtle. One day I went to check out the spillway and it was definitely a different experience from what I was used to. The outflow tube was very small, and the entire area smelled of rank septic, which deterred me from even attempting to fish there. It was a good time and I am definitely planning to make a return trip down. So in closing, I ask where are all the flatheads at and what is up with the septic/sewage smell at the spillway?!?!? TightLines!

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  2. rockbass

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    Sounds like a good trip for ya!

    The smell I have been told at the spillway is from some kind of algae or fungus not septic.
    It is fun to set the limb lines, but I think it also hurts the fishing a biot when overdone. One family that sets lines there on a regular basis took 140 cats over memorial day weekend. I think that is overdoing it, but who am I? It is a good way to catch a few eating size cats though. If you were not in a boat, the lake can be good fishing, but if you get into a boat and put in some time there, you will find that the lake is a good one. Also is not as crowded as some other lakes I fish most of the time.