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  1. Has anyone fished clearfork lately? I am new to ohio and heard about big largemouth in clearfork thinking about going there in a couple of weeks can anyone give me an update maybe where to go and what they might be hitting on this time of year. I like fishing soft plastics, lipless crank baits and anything top water. Thanks
  2. I fished there 2 weeks ago for Muskie but I did see a guy nail a nice Bass probably around 4 pounds on the north-east shore line.

  3. how did you do muskie fishing? didn't know they were in there
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    I live within 10 minutes of CF.I've had a pretty good year there so far.From daybreak until around maybe 8:00am,I'll throw buzzbaits or Pop-R's around the zillions of weedbeds.Next I'll flip bass jigs around whatever wood I can find.After that,I'll cast Spro frogs right into the weeds,or swim some Senko's in and out of small pockets in the weeds,tubes work in the weeds as well.There's a very strong population of muskies in CF,most people seem to troll for them,I prefer casting for them.The north shore around the spring,and the area around the sunken island by the dam are two well known hot spots for them.
  5. Rat- L-Trap, I trolled for Muskie 6 hrs. again on 7-5 and didn't have any luck either time but had fun trying. Good luck to ya and let us know how you do.
  6. That is to bad but I guess it is better than being at work. I have never caught a muskie but I have caught a ton a Pike.
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    while fishing a muskie tournament a few years ago, my partner boated a 7 or 8lb largemouth on a bill lewis supertrap. i think there's a pic in my ogf photo album
    it was caught near the picnic area on the south shore