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  1. Hi i am heading to clearfork to do some musky fishing and have never been there was planning on going in april but am opening to best time to catch them never been to lake nor went musky fishing any pointers would be great mostly just bass fish what are the best lures to buy for musky
  2. i fish alot of bass tournaments there. not a musky fisherman, but i hear alot of guys talking about how they catch more while bass fishing than with musky baits dont know how true it is but its something to think about

  3. i hope its true cause i have all the bass stuff i would need do you catch a lot of bass out of the lake i am thinking bass fishing of the morning and muskie during day and evening it will be hard for me not to bass fish lol
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    I have fished Clearfork a lot. In my opinion it is one of the better lakes in central ohio for bass. It is also one of the top lakes in Ohio for musky. It's a great fishing lake for sure!

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    I live within 10 minutes of Clear Fork Lake,I fish it regularly,believe me,all you need to do is spend some time fishing around the deeper weedbeds with spinnerbaits and you'll hookup with some muskies,especially in the spring.Once the water warms up in late May you'll do better for muskies fishing baits more suited to them.I would love to recover all of the money I've spent on baits designed for bass that met their demise to CF's muskie population-lol.
  6. i went to a bait shop today that was going out of business and bought over a hundred lures from a tiny zara spook to six inch crank baits i have around 10 to 12 big plano boxes of rubber stuff for bass will this stuff work on muskies like 4 and six inch worms and lizards what is a good water temp for muskies i am glad you guys are giving me pointer or i would be on a wild goose chase lol
  7. will it work yes will it hold up probably not bass baits are built for bass muskie baits are built for muskies. Ever heard the saying all other fish are bait what fish do you think they were talking about. Sure you can catch a musky on a crappie setup but they can be difficult to catch so why chance the fish of a life time to a setup made for a bucketmouth when you are fishing for a fish that his mouth is fullof razors and wont think twice of slamming into the side of your boat to take a swipe at a 10 inch lure and if he misses may move under your boat waiting to ambush your offering. I am a novice ar best but im a firm beleaver in go big or go home. Most muskie fisherman are catch and release you will more then likely release your musky with the bass bait hopefully lodged where he can shake it loose. They are a big fish with a bigger attitude but from what i understand of them is they are also fragile a bad landing and pics can killem so you decide. Just my opinion..... Flippin fool i would say the bass fisherman way outnumber the musky guys and a musky guy may tell a bud or two about his fish a bass guy catches it and lands it hes talking to whoever is listening
  8. thanks for the report.
  9. hey now... us bass fishermen may tell anyone who's listening... but all those fish really were 9 lbers. :)