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  1. Whats the water level at clear fork and can ya still get a boat in and out probably take a 14 boat that is easy to load and unload. If there is a lake that is produceing now i can change direction on which lake i go to. Also bait and presentation this time of year would be helpful:) I was thinking of casting the banks and then lookin around on the humps for some marks.
  2. Well i had to break a lil ice 2 weeks ago bt i am hoping it is gone now. Was wondering if anyone knows what the ice is like at the ramp at Clearfork

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    If you can get out your best bet this time of year would be to fish deep water with live chubs using a quick strike rig. The water temps are cold and the fish are rather sluggish this time of year. I will emphasize that no matter what presentation you use it will need to be slow, slow, slow and then slow it down some more.

  4. I live right next to Clearfork and you can put a boat in. If you want to check on any other days just PM me and I'll let you now how that day is also.
    Look for the fish off the north shore down by the dam. There is a good hump down there close to the deepest water in the lake and the fish should be stacked up there. (in case you are not familiar with the lake).
  5. Thanks guys if the waether lets me im there the wife is a lil concerned about whats headed our way but i tried to explain to her that could be the big bite but she isnt biteing on that. She said i will be able to see eather from me bein swamped and lookin at em from there point of view or the ski's will have enough waves to be surfing .