Clearfork Friday (18th)

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  1. Me, and a buddy from work, spent ALL DAY trolling and casting @ CF friday. Not one hook up. Saw one Muskie floating belly up (approx. 30"+). The highlight of the day was getting to watch a true, pro angler in action. 200 yards from our boat we watched a bald eagle do a split S, grab a fish, and take it up to his/her nest. Way too cool.

    On an info note : All of the fish we saw on the fish finder were in approx. 16-18 ft of water. All were suspended @ 10-14ft. Surface water temps were ranging from 55 to 62 f. It was our first time @ CF...won't be the last.
  2. Great lake great post i have seen an eagle there to made my whole trip.

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    A good friend of mine fished there last night. He didn't get any follows or see any fish. He fished from 4:30 to 8. He said the water is still quite stained but slowly improving.

    From the reports I have been hearing, Piedmont is the place to be until some of the other lakes clear up a little more.