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Clear Fork?

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Warpath, Jul 20, 2004.

  1. Any ideas about this lake near Mansfield? I have never fished it and I don't see much in the way of info on the site so far. I hear its a good bass lake, but why don't I hear more about it on here?

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  3. I fish Clear Fork for bass all the time.If you have any questions,feel free to let me know.It is a premier musky lake,and that's pretty much what gets all the attention here.There's a lot of bass tournaments here though,and they usually do pretty well.If you fish here,definitely bring along some white spinnerbaits,red metalflake worms,some buzzers and a few Shad Raps and you'll do good.Right now,a couple of points off the north shore down by the dam are hot,as well as the weeds off the sunken island also by the dam.
  4. RiverWalker,

    Thaks for the much needed info. Hopefully I'll get some time in on the lake soon. I had picked out an area near the dam 's north shore when I looked over the map and thought I better try there. You confirm this. It looks like the creek channel winds very close to the shore, and there is sufficient depth off the bank into deeper water. I think by September the fish will be moving to deeper water, or staging to go there.


    You see I'm studying again don't you. I know I'm up against the wall. With either Stan, Ralph, or Jim having a good day. I won't make the regional team. I've got to be on my game.

  5. River Walker is the Man.................... Rich
  6. Thanks for the vote of confidence(lol),actually,I live within 10 minutes of this lake,so I do know it quite well.I've been fishing it for over 35 yrs.,so I've learned a couple of things about it.The north shore is usually very productive,the area from the spring all the way up to the 500' line is good.There's a small bay close to the 500' line where you'll notice a small parking area up on the hill,the shore is all rock in there and drops off quickly,that's been a hotspot for me all spring and summer so far.I use a #7 Shad Rap on that spot,and they hammer it! The sunken island is real close to that spot,and there you want to throw a white spinnerbait along the weeds,don't be surprised if a muskie nails you there.Hope this helps you out,I can't name all the best spots,or somebody will sink my boat next time I'm out there!
  7. Hey River Walker ever fish Killbuck creek down in Overton ? I was talking to a guy today that told me he caught a 15 inch Rainbow out of there yesterday. I've never heard of Rainbows coming out of there So I thought I'd ask "THE MAN". Take care... Rich
  8. Rich
    As a matter of fact,I have.There's an area around there called Cedar Valley,and there's a small stream that runs through there called Cedar Run.This stream flows into the Killbuck just below Overton.There used to be a pay lake(maybe there still is)right along Cedar Run,they stock rainbows as well as other species.The outlet from that lake runs right into Cedar Run,as a result,during high water periods some trout do find their way into Cedar Run and then down into the Killbuck.A rainbow's instinct is to run downstream.A guy I know used to fish the area where these two streams meet,and he would catch an occassional trout there,but mostly bullheads and suckers.Just a little north of Overton,I used to fish the Killbuck for bass and it was pretty good fishing-probably still is.By the way,I was fishing up on the Jerome Fork the other day,and I caught some real nice smallies and rock bass.You ever try there? I was fishing off of Co.Rd.1600 just north of J-Ville.
  9. Is that pay lake at the corner of Overton Rd and Smithville Western ? I fished that lake about 20 years ago and caught stripers there. They just reopened it last year. I think its $ 8.00 a pole. Never fished the Jerome Fork but I know where your talking about.Well since I moved to Wooster I am Real close to Apple creek river and also part of Killbuck. Now if I only had some spare time. I started painting for my self and I am employed by Wooster Interfaith Housing which they got me pretty busy with 44 rentals to paint. Well take care........... Rich
  10. Yep,that's the one.I know a couple guys from Savannah that fish there all the time.They catch a lot of crappies and channel cats out of there,and whenever they stock them,trout.I went by there a couple weeks ago,and there was a bunch of people fishing it.Yeah,20yrs.ago or so it was strictly private.I was fortunate enough to get an invite to fish there once by a guy that was a member.At that time it was an almost ridiculously easy place to catch big bass,but that was the only time I ever fished it-legally-just kidding!
  11. Hey fishin neighbors, I'm pretty sure my boss was just telling me about the same spot (overton road) off of 604, I'll have to check it out sometime soon. I fished Jerome fork a few times when I lived in Hayesville, but only the section just west of Jeromesville. Can't remember what all I caught but I did find some arrowheads while walking the cornfields back there.