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clear fork this weekend.

Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by moe1078, May 26, 2004.

  1. Fishing the clearfork this weekend. Was wondering if you guys catch alot of smallies in the park. I was just going to take a few streamers down there and see how i do.
  2. ..shes dropping .. make sure shes not still raging mudd .. I'll be floating her or a river south of her!

  3. Well saturday the water was a little high and muddy but i was still able to get some fishing in. I was using a white streamer and i caught 1 very small smallmouth like 4 inches maybe. I caught several shiners on a adams dry but no trout. Later that evening a cheated a little bit and floated from the covered bridge to the state park camp grounds and caught several smallies, rockbass, whitebass, suckers, and some bigger browns(10 to 11 inches) on a rooster tail. I wish i could just catch a decent fish for a change on my flyrod. there were alot of little black bugs flying around but i didnt know what they were.
  4. ..and caught not me but 5 trout they where fat but that was it no more trout to be caught! I only hooked set rocks on the bottom tight lines!
  5. Do you float that in a kayak? In the park or the upper?
  6. I went to the clear fork on sunday for the first time ever and caught 10 brown trout, all on dry flyes. i fished in the park down stream of the covered bridge.
  7. Now thats a nice little toy. Probably easier than a kayak.
  8. fishing pole

    fishing pole Off the beaten path

    Hey Tom I have two of those if you are ever interested in doing a float let me know. My buddy and I float Ladue butare thinking of a Grand, chagrin float for smallies.
  9. ..I'm thinking of wade fishing the fork this saturday, and well see how it goes or carp fishing up north! I like then Bi-Yak (toying with getting a kyak) thats for shure .. I'll keep you in mind to do a float some time! The grand will turn into a road in another month with no water, I have seen the grand with no watter flowing over the dam! but it is the best time to see it and see how much she has changed!
  10. fishing pole

    fishing pole Off the beaten path

    the lower the better on the grand
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