Clear Fork Resevior

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  1. Can anyone give me some info and tips on muskie fishing Clear Fork? I might give it a try this weekend but have never been there.
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    It's been tough on the trollers this year. The weed growth is considerably more than typical for some reason this year and the water is quite clear. I would cast the north shore off the weedline. There's a sunken island in the NE corner of the lake down near the dam. Jerkbaits and small crankbaits have produced. I know some guys do well with bucktails but I havent even had a follow on a bucktail there.


  3. Thanks BG! How is the top water fishing right now? I am new to muskie and still looking for my first and love to top water fish.
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    Please keep in mind that the ODCNR has confirmed the VHS virus in Clear Fork. Take a minute to clean your boat hull. livewells etc before launching in any other lakes.
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    check out central ohio muskies inc. message board.....