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  1. Does anyone have any tips or info on muskie or bass fishing at clear fork res? I am looking for a good place near home to muskie and bass fish and might try it out this weekend. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Hey...sorry for not replying sooner...First and foremost I'm not a Muskie fisherman, as for bass I am an expert(jk). Fish worms on the outside of the weedline in 10ft of water(BlueFleck). If overcast try a buzzbait in white or whatever you like to use, the bite happens but it isn't great by anymeans, the shallow/really shallow spots are pretty good for that. I like to use a white Terminator with double willow blades it has worked pretty good for me there as well... I personally like the area near the dam and near the ramp. Goodluck, Mark

  3. i am not a muskie fisherman, but i fish for catfish in clearfork and i can tell you that the guys that do troll for muskies stay close to the northern side of the lake moving from the dam towards the marina, until they get to the islands, then they get more towards the middle.