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Clear Fork Res.

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Blue Pike, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. I’m working south of Mansfield at 71 and 97 every day on the way home we go past Clear Fork Res.
    Just wondering if anyone fishes this reservoir and if so what do you catch out of it.
    I may have to drag the boat down and test the waters. :)
  2. muskies muskies muskies. It's supposed to be one of the premier muskie lakes in the state. I hear the eyes and bass and good too. i'm sure crappie bite well in the spring too.

  3. Mojo is right, it's a great crappie lake in the spring time. They aren't huge, but there's quite a few 9-10 inchers in there.
  4. The water level stays pretty consistent in that lake allowing pretty good development of weed beds. Great musky and bass lake.
  5. esoxhunter

    esoxhunter Livin' the moontime

    #2 musky lake in the state.
    I fish it 5 or 6 times a year. There are a bunch of em in that lake. I've caught a few chunkers and I've seen packs of them working weed flats. I've seen a couple BIG bass caught there on musky tackle. Beautiful lake...

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  6. esoxhunter, is this lake worth a try for a novice muskie fisherman? never tried for them but one of my friends has a boat now and i can get my hands on some lures. what would you think my chances are if i went out there this year and spent a few hours trolling?
  7. One of my favorite lakes. In the spring, fishing the weedlines and weedbeds, your chances of catching a musky are very good. A lot of guys troll out there, I've hooked and landed quite a few while bass fishing with spinnerbaits / Rat L Traps.

    If the Robins Nest is open, the guys in there are usually pretty helpful.
  8. esoxhunter

    esoxhunter Livin' the moontime

    You stand a relatively good chance of catching one. Clearfork and Leesville give you the best shot at catching one. If you're heading up in the spring, try trolling small lures like J13 Rapalas and AC Shiners (450 and 550) in the shallower bays on the north side of the lake. When it warms up in late spring and summer move to deeper open water with Monster Shads and Lil Ernies.
    If the fish are in a positive mood, you will catch them. If they're not, good luck. I have taken a skunkin' or two at Cfork :eek:
  9. I downloaded a map of this reservoir interesting to say the least.
    A lot of underwater structure, humps and bumps, underwater islands, above water islands with some good-looking points, a few good long drop offs and the flats on the north side look great. Plus the weed beds and what ever wood that will be left in the lake from the ice storm.
    I can see it will take more than a day to check out Clear Fork.

    Thank you for the info gentleman; hope to see some of you at Clear Fork this spring.

    One more question if you please. It’s about the water colour.
    Is this a clear water lake as the name would imply or is it stained or muddy?

    Thanks ------- Blue Pike

    I love this site for this very reason. If you ask a question you will get an answer, sometimes they are great answers. Thanks again.
  10. I'd call the upper half stained most of the time with the lower (and deeper) half pretty clear. It seemed to me that last year, with all the rain, the water was more stained than previous years, though.
  11. tpet96

    tpet96 Banned

    There are plenty of slab crappies in the 13-15" range. You have to fish the submerged structure in open water to catch them though. They rarely move to the shorelines in the spring to spawn.....preferring some of the deeper structure. Might have to do with the musky movements? Not sure. Don't overlook the perchin in there either ;) Same scenario. ;)