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Clear Fork lake

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Johnny Wishbone, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. I have a bassclub tournament the last weekend in April. I have never fished that lake before. Would like some info, or where to look for fish.

    Thank you,
  2. JW,

    I won my club tournament at Clear Fork in September 2004. I'm not the world's best club fisherman, not the best caster, not the best anything. But what I did do, and probably better than anyone else that day, was study the map and eliminate water so I could concentrate on water where I knew fish were.

    I contacted a local person much as you have...on OGF. RiverWalker and I are now best friends and enjoy fishing all over Ohio together. The areas I marked on my map before ever seeing the lake were confirmed by RW as fish-catching areas.

    The lake has a lot to offer. Good grass to fish, mid lake humps, and nice laydowns. The end of April is about two weeks before the full moon I think, so I imagine that if you look for spawning flats out of the north wind and trace back to some obvious migration route, you'll find fish. I would fish the flats first to see if the big fish have moved upp to obvious spots, which they are inclined to do. If you see no fish, and catch no fish moved to the first drop-off from the flat. Somewhere along that flat the fish will have a highway leading them to the flat. You find this spot, you catch fish. Lastly, if it stays cold, continue deeper even still. Find areas where the the bank is noticeably steep. If the fish are still deep, they will hold in areas where they can move up and down in the water column vertically without moving very far horizontally. Steep banks allow them to do this, and conserve energy.

    Hope this makes sense. Pm me if it doesn't.


  3. try the northwest corner of lake called boy scout camp. senko ,spinnerbait,
    square billed crankbait. this lake gets a lot of ready to fish with
    other boats .weeds wont be bad at this time of year but they are there try
    middle of lake on north side, is a bay fish same lures around stickups. gets shallow fish wood and weeds 50 bank in that bay.
  4. Hey Johnny If I were going to fish Clearfork that weekend I would be working around the Islands there is alot of deep water, shallow water, with good cover shallow and deep. Try a white spinner bait slow rolled or a firetiger fat a midum diver or try a black blue jig and pig, The islands I am talking about are located on the north side about half way down the lake. I would just work them early and if you don't get anything going move up to the boy scout camp area on the north west side of the lake and use the same lures. Good luck and may God Bless you with a live well full of fish.

    Tim Hellinger
    Midwest Sportsman
    North Central Ohio Division.