Cleaning your gear after salt water fishing

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  1. Just got back from a week of surf fishing and I know my reel got submirged a few times, every day I would rinse it off with fresh water . Should I take all the line off to make sure there is no salt and sand around the spool?. All of my equipment is brand new, its a Penn 750ss with stainless ball bearings and a ugly stick rod. Thanks
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    All I ever did was wash it down with fresh water. It probably wouldn't hurt to unspool it if your not going to be fishing in saltwater for a while

  3. spray it down lightly...using high water pressure can drive the salt into nooks an crannies even further than it already is. Once it dries, hit it with some reel magic and put it away. Penn gear is as tough as it comes.
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    same here. just sprayed it off with the hose.
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    Might consider opening a side cover and rinsing out any trapped salt. Submerging causes much more issues than regular use. I destroyed a nice shimano reel by not doing so. Trapped salt pitted/rusted all the bearings. Just rinse with a gentle steam just like the outside. If you are uncomfortable opening the reel, then soak in a bucket of fresh water to remove trapped salt.
  6. Its best to take all the salty line off and take everything apart that you feel you will be able to put back together and rinse everything, wipe out the grease and put new grease in. The thing I always had the most trouble with is the drag components. Its hard to get every bit of salt out and the drag will corrode over time and not work. So even if you have to spend a lot of time cleaning the reels out, its worth it.
  7. I would second the note to open it up and clean the gears on the inside. Spraying it off on the outside can only do so much and salt water as you know is the worst for corrosiveness. I had a reel once that I just cleaned up on the outside and it seemed fine until I went to try it again in a few months. It was bound up pretty tight and it took some real work to get the gears back. Ever since then I open them up and clean them thoroughly after I return. I spray them off completely between each use while on vacation and have even opened them up to clean while there when they really got dunked or rolled in sand.
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    That Penn 750SS is made for that, a good freshwater washing should be fine, the saltwater should not have got in the side plates, but how hard is it to pop them off and check the grease anyways.
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    I grew up in Florida fishing in salt water. All we ever did was slosh the reel in a bucket of soapy water and rinse it off. Never had any problems.
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    Do not submerge in soapy water, if it was submerged in salt water it must be taken apart. Saltwater can enter the bearing in the spool. Take it completely apart, its no big deal. Just remember everything. Wash everything in dawn or any other dish detergent and rinse well. You just can't rinse off salt, it just doesn't work. Make sure all components are bone dry before reassembly, oil and grease all parts and assemble. Remember, without soap or salt-x, the salt will remain and soap will wash away grease and oil. The drag comes apart easily. It seems a lot of fellows are willing to guess at what works to get the job done. That Penn 750 is not cheap, its a good reel. Do it right and it will last.
  11. Thanks for all the input guys I decided to completely dissassember it and I found a few stained spots on one of the alloy gears and on a brass gear, and more sand than I thought, cleaned everything applied ''PENN ''grease and oil to all parts. I did go to the Penn web site and printed off a exploded view to make sure everything went back the right way. I also took off all the old line and pitched it out. It took about 1 1/2 hours to complete the whole job, thanks again to all that responded