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Cleaning Great Grandpa's old reel....

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by dinkbuster1, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. since the birth of my first child this winter i have had a lot of free time through the night watching the Baby while my GF sleeps. i have lately found myself going through a lot of old stuff from my family that i am now in posession of since the passing of my Grandmother in '08. the past 2 months ive been organizing old coin collections, photos, heirlooms, etc, and came accross an old "combo" my Great Grandfather used. actually, it was the ONLY rod and reel he used. decided tonight i was going to take it appart and clean it all up and lube it. i remember the outfit from my childhood when he would take me down to his "honey hole" on the GMR in Downtown Dayton. Great Grandpa (Harry Emmett Brandt of Sidney) was the only Father i knew until my Biological Father came back into my life when i was 10yrs old. G-Grandpa passed when i was 13 in the winter of '84 due to severe Bronchitis. he would take me fishing 3-4 times a week with him and would give me a cane pole to catch panfish, or whatever while he fished for carp using this Ancient relic.....


    i am still in awe at how he casted that thing using homemade dough-ball. i am good at casting baitcasters now but still cannot cast that reel! if i remember right he had bought it sometime in the early 40's.
    i sat down earlier tonight, stripped what was left of the old Dacron off and proceeded to clean the reel, planning on removing all the dried Mud, Doughball, and slime from it and then lube it up reel good.
    started noticing all the dried dough-bait, GMR river mud, holes from hooks in the cork handle, and then a faint fingerprint of his in the Mud on the reel seat (couldnt get a good pic of it).




    after seeing his Print i drifted off into the past for about 30 minutes remembering him and me and when we went fishing, even on hot sweltering days in the sun, and even days when i remember never getting a bite i loved every minute of it. i then thought of my Son and got all choked up thinking how important a Father/Father Figure is in a childs life, even if its not his biological Father. after coming back to reality i proceeded to unscrew 2 of the sideplate screws to start my cleaning when i seen his Print once again.....

    i decided to put the 2 screws back and decided to leave it the way it is.
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  2. Very nice Dink, I also have some of my uncles stuff from way past and relish it as well.

  3. I Fish

    I Fish I am what I eat.

    I'd leave it as is, maybe put that old dacron back on it if it's not too late. I cleaned up one of my Grandpa's reels, put new line on it, but can't bring myself to use it anymore, and wished I never had.
  4. Once a year I take my Dad's old tackle box and lures and his old baitcater outfit and use only that for one day a year.