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  1. If you catch a mess of catfish, bring them home to eat but don't want to clean and fillet them that night, what's the best way to keep them fresh and how long can you wait before cleaning them?

    (Sorry if this is a repost, I couldn't get the "search forums" feature to work) :)
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    Cover them with ice and they will be good to go. I would clean them within 24 hours of putting them ice though.

  3. put them in some water and they'll live forever:p
  4. Forever??? Those fish must be superhuman! Errr, superfishy. :)

    Thanks for the sweet tip!
  5. I didn't think cat fish died:p I budy of mine left his in a cooler of ice overnight and the things were still kicking around the next morning.
    I think the uglier something is the harder it is to kill it.
    I may just live forever!:p
  6. Looks like you will be around for a long time junkyard......

    EHEHEHE you set yourself up for that one!

  7. Same concept as an open-air fish market. Gut the fish, rinse out the cavity, put the fish on ice. It will stay as fresh as any store bought fillet sitting in your fridge. I usually skip the gutting part if I plan on filleting the fish in the morning.
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    as others have said,there's no problem keeping them overnight or even a little longer,if they're kept on ice or refrigerated at 35-40 degrees.i've had lots of those "too tired" (or too lazy) nights,and done the same many times over the years.
    neighbors used to see me regularly,in the yard before work,cleaning a cooler full of fish from the night before.after working all day and spending hours on the water the night before.