Cleanest NE OH waters?

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  1. The recent thread on the Mahonong river produced a lot of comments on polluted waters. So just what are the cleanest waters to eat fish from? I fish mostly for walleye and panfish from Mosquito Lake. I have never seen Mosquito Lake mentioned in any EPA fish advisory but it would fall under the recommendations for all waters in the state. I will say this about Mosquito Creek- MANY people eat the fish they catch below the dam on route 305. There are no dams between Mosquito Lake and the Mahoning River and I wouild never eat fish caught in that stretch of the creek. The only thing that keeps pollutants from "migrating" upstream is dams that are too high for fish to jump over. Fish can swim from the Mahoning River all the way to the base of Mosquito dam. When they die, their remains (and toxins) become part of the sediment. So what are peoples thoughts on the cleanliness of our local lakes?
  2. There isn't any truly clean water in NE Ohio, just less polluted. I am going to wager that someone will post abut how they have been eating fish out of polluted/ advisory water X and there is nothing wrong with them or that the way they test for pollutants is wrong. Bottom-line is there is a statewide advisory to not eat more than 1 meal per week from ANY Ohio waters. Do I eat Ohio fish? Yes, but no were near 1 meal per week and I stick to panfish (less pollutants). With the exception of Erie perch I do not eat any species from any water-way that has any advisories.

  3. The cleanest lake water I have fished is Nimisila. Not only does it look clean, it even smells clean. I have eaten a few largemouth that took the worm or lizard too deep and their flavor was quite mild.
    The cleanest streams I have fished are those in the Castailia area which are fed by the underground streams. Very clear and cold. They hold trout year round.
  4. Well, Shortdrift beat me to it. I would have to agree that Nimisila is the cleanest lake in northeast ohio. It is usually very clear and the fish seem very healthy. I believe that the lack of development, manufacturing, and electric motors only plays a big role in keeping this lake clean, peaceful, and beautiful.
  5. Find a lake without any inflows of runoff and you have the chance for a body of water cleaner than others in NE Ohio. Upground reservoirs fall into this group. No runoff from agricutural or septic runoff during high water periods. Electric motors only lessen the chance of gas/oil leaks. Lakes such as wellington upground, new london, etc. fall into this category.

    I don't trust the rivers that flow into Erie due to agricutural runoff and septic/poop plant outflows. Many of the larger reservoirs have the septic issue, with additional waste from outboards. Electric only lakes like Ladue probably aren't much behind the upgrounds.
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    Some of the upgrounds would be a lot cleaner if it weren't for those stinkin' geese. Thought there was gravel all over the launch ramps, turns out it was green and squishy and definately not gravel! (Although with these temps, it certainly could qualify!)
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    ladue gets my vote.
  8. I vote for summit. I keep my eye on that lake. when it freezes i know every where else is safe.
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    All Ohio waters are polluted with organomercury compounds. The mercury comes from all those coal fired power plants and my coal fired fireplace.;)
  10. Lake Hodgson is pretty clean. Electric only and the Ravenna water supply so it must get pretty close monitoring. Been hiting Erie a lot the last few yrs....may try to get more time on some of these other lakes this season.

    Indigo Lake in the Cuy Valley Park looks like the cleanest water I have ever seen in nature. Crystal clear, spring fed with some nice bass in there. People say there is a big crane at the bottom.

    Good safe out there.
  11. Out of Skeeter,Milton,Berlin and WB, I would have to say Milton and Skeeter. They stay full and clear year round. Just the shallow ends stain up. Also the blue gills are the most vulnerable up-land. They use the rocks the most and are able to crunch the mussels open. If they filter the water then they hold alot of toxins.
  12. Did you ever see what comes into Mosquito from Everett Hull Rd.,Housel Craft Rd.,and from the camp grounds in Pikie Bay?
  13. Its amazing that the dams stay as clear as they do on both. Milton stayed pretty clear this year after a heavy rain and Skeeter was crystal clear in the marina last ice. Alot of that crap stays at the surface after a rain and settles out.
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    Nimisila is a very clean lake the first time I fished it I was shocked at how clear and clean it appeard to be, minus weed grown and alge I think Punderson (a natural lake in Ohio) is also very clean.
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    yep, used to duck hunt and bass fish back there. it's smelly, gray sewer water, same stuff runs into skeeter all around the lake. when i bow fished and would wade around the lake, id see ALOT of that (you'd be very suprised). thats why there trying to get some type of sewer system around the lake. ive been drinking it this long, whats another 40 some years:p ever notice the signs the ODNR puts up about mid june over by the beach? high bacteria levels, enter water at your own risk:eek:

    havent been there in years, but nelson ledges quarry had some pretty clear water, but i dont think that was the intent of the orginal question.
  16. too many are confusing clarity with cleanliness/ a common and huge mistake...
  17. I was going to say the same thing. Water clarity has nothing to do with it.
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    yes and I have waded in that crap.

    Do the cottages around Milton have septic systems or are they hooked up to a sanitary sewer?
    Alot of the older houses around Portage Lakes have faulty septic systems and spew waste into the lakes.
  19. i dont know as much about the northern side of ohio but personally i dont think anyone has anything to worry about with water quality anymore. yes the streams around cleveland arn't montana trout streams but you can certainly swim in them and eat fish out of them. many people believe the ohio river is to dirty to eat fish out of or swim in and its not that bad anymore. personally because chemical levels tend to build up in bigger older fish particularly in predators i wouldn't eat big ski's, bass, cats or eyes (yes i release big eye's, i must be crazy), but its not near the biggest reason in why i release big fish. no matter where you are in ohio the water quality shouldnt be so poor that you shouldnt eat the fish, even big ones, its just another factor in releasing older fish. my opinion if you are for some reason worried about the mercury killing you eat small non-predatory fish, aka bluegills, the best tasting fish anyway.:)
  20. I know that they have run sewers around most, if not all of Milton. So, they are now set up with sewer systems. Water in Milton should be cleaning up. But, lets face it, septic systems, although not what you want emptying into the reservoirs, is not nearly as bad as industrial pollutants.

    Eat the younger fish, let the older ones continue to spawn, and enjoy life. Its not perfect, but its the best we got.