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Clean up after your self!!

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by SteelinaTrout, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. SteelinaTrout

    SteelinaTrout King Fisher

    I can honestly say i have never been more mad on the water than i was today. Not because the river was rushing chocolate milk out to the lake, and not because i diodnt catch anything, but because i got all tangled up in 100yds or better of fishing line!!! :mad: It was all over the place. i was walking and it wrapped around my leg....the thing is i can untie it or cut it off but a fish, bird, raccoon, dog or any other animal wheather it being wild or domesticated cannot. this causes seriouse harm and in some cases actually most cases probably kills the animals... have some damn consideration for the enviroment and stop being lazy. clean up your mess when you snag. try bringing along a bag dedicated for old line so you have some place to put it don't just add to the already large amount of trash in our waterways!!! :mad:
  2. your right there is nothing worse than finding somone elses garbage lying on the river bank. That is a great idea about bringing a bag with you i never thought of that i always usually stuff some crap in my vest then take care of it later but it usually gets in the way while i am on the pond. Steelinatrout you sound like a great person to have fishing the shores. i am glad to share the same river as you and all the others that help clean it up. it is sad that there are a few people that can't help take care of the world. these people in my opinion should stay home and fish in their bath tub this way they can mess up there own property and not the property that is shared by thousands. steelinatrout i like your signature you should try taking out the knees of the idiots that litter our streams i will help you!!!;)
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  3. SteelinaTrout

    SteelinaTrout King Fisher

    well jumpinjackbass i am glad you also help not too litter our river, and thanks for the comp... at least there are more people out there like me that care about our land. I might just take oyu up on the whole taking out the knees of people that litter and believe me if i EVER see someone doing that i will kick their @$$!!! :mad: so take that as a warning for all you lazy dirty people who can't take your trash with you!!!!!
  4. Fishaholic69

    Fishaholic69 Fly Fishing Addict

    hey steelin! please don't take out my knees with you titanium wading staff. haha. ya man! I had to untangle by boy steelin today! he was all tangled to hell almost tripped and fell into the rushing rapids! if he did jumpinjackbass would of found another fly rod somewhere down the river! ya I hate people that leave line and trash behind.. see thats why I swim out to my fly to get my snags out!!! ;) too bad its so cold now and I can't! well don't litter! and since where on that kick only you can prevent forest fires too!!
  5. For my Son

    For my Son Fish to enjoy time with my boy.

    My son and I take along a shopping bag to clean up the shoreline whenever we go fishing. Regardless of how many times I fish the same spot EVERY time i go there we pick up trash. The funny thing is I would bet you 100% of the people that read this will agree its not right but somehow we continue to pick up other trash. I dont care about the bio-degradable stuff, but cans and worm/maggot containers. O-yes the "steelhead" guys are just as bad as everyone else. Know why we have lost so much access to private lands???? Its the same everywhere one bad apple ruins it for everyone.
  6. I couldn't agree with all of your thoughts more...right on guys! Nothing disgusts me more than to see that beautiful river and it's banks littered with trash. I've been fishing that river a lot lately and every single time I go there I am once again having to clean up after these pieces of $#!%. The sad thing is that I'm sure that the majority of fisherman down there are not littering, and it's a small minority of @$$ holes that are making such a big mess, (God I'd hate to see the inside of these peoples homes! :eek:). The dead fishing line (as Steelinatrout had mentioned) is an absolute killer out there, seeing the nests of line out there pisses me off most of all. Seriously, how freakin hard is it to wad that crap up and just stick it in your pocket!?! If you can bring it in there, there is absolutely no reason that you can't bring it back out with you. And cigarette butts are litter too!!! I've seen guys who will pick up all their trash and even random pieces of litter just to turn around and flick their cigarette butts right into the river!!! WTF!?! :confused:

    You guys keep up the good work out there and know that you are not alone in your efforts to keep that area clean. The fishing gods will soon be granting you good karma for your efforts.
  7. sevenx

    sevenx "I sat by the river" N.Mc

    Way to go guys, Trash down here on the LMR is out of control. we have a beautiful river that is full of trash. There are alot of us who do our best. I have trash bags on my counter that I hand out to folks headed out but weather or not they go to use I don't know, I can only hope. Keep at it. I hook some one's line awhile back and pull the rig right out when clearing the line. A live bait rig with some sort of super braid felt like a rock flipped over when it came loose. Thanks for your efforts guys, it guys like you who make the difference even if a little at a time. S
    PS Down here Loveland Canoe Rental uses onion bags to collect trash. They strech, water runs right through so the trash dries faster and are easy to pack. S
  8. creekcrawler

    creekcrawler Konfused Kayaker

    Yup, I always leave the river with a pocket full of fishing line, usually not mine.
    I guess it really hit home years ago when I saw a pretty kingfisher in a tree -
    Dead! Hanging by some fishing line he got his foot tangled in!
  9. that's sickening. so disrespectful.

    i'm always picking up after myself...and often after others, too. bad enough i have to clean up after my kids - now that i'm into this steelhead thing i have to clean up after some of YOU people?!

    (that's right, i'm pointing fingers - i'll let you decide if you're guilty or not as you read this...and hit 'back' because the guilt is eating away at you).