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  1. Does anyone know if it would be safe to eat some rock bass and smallies from the GMR?
  2. By the way would take maybe two little smallies

  3. Yeah they a good to go. Ive eaten plenty of them the past few years.

    On a side note, ive started growing a tail not sure if its related or not.
  4. Thanks for the advice. That is one of the many things that i liked about up north in michigan. Didn't have to worry about eating the fish.
  5. does anyone know why ohio's rivers are so bad? is it because we basically use them as a sewer? is there a site we can visit with specifics on this, like the ohio epa or something?
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    The advisories are due primarily to industrial waste dumped into rivers years ago rather than today. A lot of this stuff never goes away!
  7. yeah like the nuclear waste at fernald
  8. Thats why I like to go up in the northern sections of the river. Forget the big cities and companies.
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    Smallmouth are predators and slow growing fish so they have the highest levels of contaminants(mercury and pcb's) panfish are not even listed on any consumption advisories so the rockbass(and crappie) are probably OK,TC1