Clean Boat Act concerns everyone

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    If you own a boat, ANY boat that has registration numbers you will be affected if this new legislation is not passed.

    Do have a canoe, row boat, jet ski, pontoon, whatever. or worse yet do you own 2 or maybe 3 boats?

    Do you ever plan or hope to purchase a boat?

    This will cost you some major cash with very little environmental protection return for your investment. I think there are better ways to use our money for this laws stated intent.

    Please take time to check this thread out and use the contact provided to contact our elected officials support passage of this exemption for pleasure boats.

  2. Kim is correct. Dave Keltch (Ohio Sea Grant) gave a very good presentation at last night's WBSA meeting on how this law wiill effect ALL of us starting September 1st of this year. This law needs ammended as it's written or we will all PAY! Take the time to follow up on this by writing a LETTER and a PHONE CALL to your State Legislator.


  3. I sent the form letter to that was referenced on here a short while back. I sent it to everyone I could. I did actually receive a response back from Senator Sherrod Brown. Here is a copy of his reply.

  4. When I submitted my original letter I also received the same reply from Sherrod Brown. Here is the response I received from Senator George Voinovich. So, I logged onto his website and let my voice be heard that way.

    I remember ol' George fishing for walleye on a friend's charter some years ago. As a Ohioan and fisherman, he ought to be sympathetic to boat owners. At least I hope so! See the link below to his website where you can leave him another note regarding this legislation.

    Thank you for contacting my office. I genuinely appreciate your e-mail and thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. As with all communications with my office, your views have been recorded.

    Every day, I hear from the people of Ohio through their phone calls, letters and faxes to my office. As you can imagine, I also receive a significant number of e-mails daily. Mass-generated e-mails sent by a third-party group, which are usually form text, have hindered my ability to respond to the e-mails, phone calls, letters and faxes that I receive. Due to the increasing number of mass-generated e-mails received by my office, effective March 16, 2007, my office will be implementing changes to the constituent correspondence process.

    Consequently, I have established a new system on my website to better serve Ohio constituents. If you would like a written response to your e-mail, please go to and click on the CONTACT tab to fill out the web CONTACT FORM. By filling out this form, you will receive a written response from my office.

    Thank you for your patience. Should you experience any problems with my web CONTACT FORM, please call my office at 202-224-3353 and my staff will be happy to guide you through the electronic correspondence process.


    George V. Voinovich
    United States Senator
  5. I received that same letter. I then followed the advise on there and went to the web site posted within it and typed up another message about it. It sounds like they will not even pay any attention to anything unless it is done directly through their his web site. Time will tell whether even that works but it is certainly worth a try.
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    I sent a personal message, not the form, to my U.S. Rep whom I have known for 25 years. He didn't even reply with a form letter.

    I also contacted the Ohio EPA and received this information from their legislative liaison...

    I was forwarded your question as I have been addressing the ballast water issue legislatively for the Agency since January. Ohio EPA has indicated to US EPA that we believe ballast discharges from recreational vessels should not be included in whatever permit or rules US EPA releases later this year. It is not our intent to regulate discharges or require permits of individual boat owners. We have also heard US EPA may also propose this exemption but cannot verify that as the proposed language hasn't been released.

    I hope this answers your question to the Answer Place. If you have additional questions on the ballast water legislation proposed or our actions in that arena, please let me know.

    At least she told me something encouraging. I did note, however, that she only talks about "ballast" water and not "deck runoff." Perhaps it means the same thing to her but not to us. I don't really use much ballast water in my 16 foot tri-hull...

  7. That is an encouraging response MC!! If what she wrote is true then perhaps someone is already working at the federal level to address it.

    I would have to think that by ballast they are referring to any discharge as well. Not too many recreational folks would be affected at all if it only meant ballast.
  8. as i posted b4:

    I got some info on this issue at a meeting tonight here in dayton the clean boating act is the real deal.. If it passes any craft put into the water will be subject to some sort of fee/tax. they dont know how much it will be.... its brought on by a separate dept. so sept 30th 2008 is the deadline to make some noise on this.

    so please tell everyone that has ANY watercraft Or might ever consider getting one in the future.... NOT too many people know about this tax so spread the word... make flyers and pass them out, try to get a story on the news or something or it will soon be too late.

    the info and contact person is:

    Deborah Green
    phone 614-265-6500
    fax 614-263-4140