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Classic Reaction

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by bassman_sw, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. bassman_sw

    bassman_sw Always lookin for a bigun

    I made it over to Pittsburgh, even though I hate to think I was really in that terrible place ;) and I thought BASS and ESPN put on a great show. You can't do much for free anymore and this was exceptional. The Expo was great, I couldn't believe that as soon as I walked in there was Ray Scott! All of the displays were great, the people were helpful and the pro's were very considerate and kind to everyone wanting autographs and pictures. The weigh-in was also great. I was there Sunday, so I got to see KVD get the crown, but the show itself was great. I think there ought to be more things like this to help the sport grow and reach more people. There seemed to be more interest in fishing than I have ever seen and I think the sport is growing with the Junior Classic and now starting the Women's Bass Tour ( I need to find a girl like that!!!) I just wanted to see what everybody else thought about it.
  2. Pittsburgh's not all that bad. It's alot better than it used to be. I hope you're not another bitter Browns fan. I thought the classic was uniquely a classic in it's own right. True, you didn't see the huge fish and heavy weigh ins BUT what you did see was the nations best bass anglers put into a very tuff fish enviroment and having the whole fishing world expecting them to produce. I think a classic such as this last one, say every half dozen years or so, would probably do this great event more good than harm.

  3. Iron_Chef_CD

    Iron_Chef_CD Allez Cuisine

    I really enjoyed the tough conditions at this years classic. It added something new to me. My thoughts are you can turn on "any" fishing program and see people catch monster large mouth. This classic was less about the fish and more about the anglers. I got to hand it to KVD as well, the man really knows his stuff. Good show Bass Masters!
  4. crankus_maximus

    crankus_maximus Crankus Baitus Maximus

    I echo these sentiments as well. I went to the classic on Sunday and took in the expo center and the weigh-in. To get all of that entertainment and information for parking and gas to get there was UNBELIEVABLE! I had a blast and was disappointed when Martens lost by only 6oz! Anybody who has lost a tournament or missed big bass by a few oz. can identify with that guy. What heartbreak! I enjoyed the tough conditions, fishing-wise. It shows you who the best fishermen are. The cream does rise to the top in events like that!

    Overall Pittsburgh did an outstanding job!
  5. Pittsburgh area wasn't chosen because of the river fisheries. It was purely marketing. BassMaster brought the classic to an area that is the middle of the Mid-Atlantic/Midwest and would expose tournament fishing to a huge area that typically doesn't get to see this on such a large scale. Plus the area is unique because the venue is so close to a large city. It made for some great back-drops on the video. (The southern United States usually gets all of the attention...) BassMaster is trying to tap a huge market that has been pretty much ignored previously. They are marketing machine just like NASCAR. The City of Pittsburgh benefitted also and from what I can tell put on a good show. Congratulations....