Clark Lake Trout Release

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by chuck71, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. Just wondering when they release the trout out at Clark Lake. I want to get my son out there this year to try and catch some of them! Thanks!!
  2. BlueBoat98

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  3. Sweet, I wouldn't make it out until the weekend because of work, but definately want to go!
  4. I've been going out there the past 3 years and have terrible luck, and really don't see many people catching any. Anyone have good luck out there? Or know some secrets that I don't?
  5. Chuck P.

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    corn, small spinners, and wax worms seem to get me a few every year.
  6. For some reason I thoght it was on the 17 of march. I will have to check it out again.The best part of catching them then is letting them go and here some guy yell "WHY YOU DO THAT FOR?" That makes my day and hopefully my son gets to land one this year. Good luck.
    Blueboat is right they say the 14 of march sorry for thinking it was the 17th.