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    Hi CJB fishers, I would like to arrange to meet my 7 year old grandson at CJB (he is in Col. and I in Day.) in Sept. and teach him to fish. I am an experienced fisherman with no experience on CJB. I have a boat with all the equipment and a map of the lake. I can handle directions and GPS coordinates. I would appreciate any suggestions about where to catch any kind of fish with some success. Because he has no casting experience and I prefer not to have a jig hanging from my ear lobe (been there done that) I would like to start with bobber or down line bottom fishing. Thoughts about location and bait would be very appreciated. I can also be contacted at abic@mindspring.com. Thanks, Marty
  2. Hit the north end of the lake and fish the shallows for channel cats either tight-line or drift with a large bobber. My buddy caught 15 channels out there last Tuesday night (tight-lining) from 1-5.5 lbs. Fresh shad will work best, but you will catch some using shrimp and nightcrawlers as well.

    If you can't catch your own shad - stop at the baithouse on Croft road right by the lake - they usually have frozen shad & it will work fine also.

    Best of luck!

  3. You might want to call ahead at the bait shop on croft for shad. They weren't selling any shad earlier in the year and I finally gave up asking. If they don't carry, I believe the shop at Beaver Lake does. But, call ahead.
  4. Hi.

    I sent a copy of this to your email too.

    Here is a fishing map if you haven't already found it (I try to keep it in my boat as it's got the riverbed etc in it):
    http://www.dnr.state.oh.us/wildlife//PDF/cj brown reservoir.pdf

    We have luck trolling from:
    We start at Lat 39°57'50.19"N Long: 83°43'35.22"W
    We end at Lat 39°57'32.39"N Long 83°43'21.13"W

    This area is just slightly north of the marina on the east side of the lake (same side as the marina). It's basically from the campers beach to the marina.

    The area others mentioned to the north is kinda nice because it's massive no-wake zone, so it's very peaceful (and pretty).

    For future reference here is a good way to find all of maps:

    Good luck fishing!

    My life fishing lesson:
    If you want to have a great time with the kids take them fishing.
    If you want to have a great time fishing, leave the kids at home.
    This is true until they get a little bigger anyway :)
  5. Go to another lake! That's my best suggestion, but when fish were caught we trolled early in the morning, right off of the ramp on a direct line to the first marina (to the right leaving the boat ramp,), and we used wally divers and worm harnesses (with weight to keep them down). This will hopefully help nail a walleye or two. If you can fish during the weekdays, as weekends produces a crowd.

    If you want to fish with livebait and bobber the best area would be along the rip-rap across the lake (to the left as you leave the ramp). Either early in the morning, or overnight(at least in the summer)
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    Thanks, you are really good guys. I appreciate your suggestions and will use them. Best, Marty
  7. I second the recommendation on a weekday trip (but I know school is in). The lake is an entirely different experience on the weekdays - you can try all sorts of neat spots without the turbulence.
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    hey thanks for the coords ill try it!