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  1. did anyone survive he torm clean up to have tie to fish over the weekend?
  2. I fished on Friday and only caught 1 channel cat. Fished yesterday and the storm blew in whipping the lake to a froth. The wind was blowing so hard the rain was stinging. I could barely see past the bow of my boat but idled over to the west bank to get out of the wind and to pray my bilge pump would keep pumping. After it blew over, I think I was the only boat left on the lake without a top. I caught two walleye and two channels shortly after it stopped, all short as usual. It was just to windy to get a good drift. I should have brought a bucket to use as a drift sock to slow things down. I broke off both of my eye rigs at the same time so I ended the day bass fishing in the no wake zone without any takers.

  3. pond , yea i fished thru the rain/ hail storm the other monday, caught a cpl small ones, thanx and good luck
  4. I took my two girls out fishing yesterday and caught 15-20 small crappie. The boats were just aweful, gas prices have not bothered anyone out there.
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    Hey!!! BB been along time since I've seen you post! how you been!
  6. been staying busy at work, had a really good spring for crappie but very few white bass.
  7. bb, yea me too, im pretty much a smallie guy, hope ya get to fish more
  8. yea , gotta go whem its early or late or ya getr run over,, ha ha