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  1. will be off work next week thinking of trying for some eyes ///any help thanks
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    check the thread "CJB Help Needed" alot of us posted in that one-good luck ;)

  3. I was supposed to be campimg and fishing on Kelleys Island noe but the truck I haul my camper is in the shop. May be ready tomorrow. So instead I invited my uncle to fish at CJ today. Went over yesterday and did not do much, a few bluegills and a cat. Saw Eyeguy, he had a couple walleye. Today we tried all over the lake and the same as yesterday until about 12:30. We ended up with 4 small keepers and tossed 6 back drifting along the gravel pit.Did notice we were catching bluegill and perch until the eyes started. Did not get another gill or perch until the eyes quit about an hour and a half later.
  4. i was hopeing the weather was going to cool down might try later this week
    i havent fish much for eyes the biggest one i landed was at eastwood lake 6lbs about 20 years ago
  5. Good seeing you Sunday Dave, We ended with 3 keepers, the big one of the day was a 17....I dont recall ever catching that many perch out there, they were all too small to keep, but sure kept us busy!! I was out with Hotntot doing a little pre-fishing for the upcoming walleye tournement on Oct.7