CJ White Bass

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  1. Was out this morning for about an hour and caught 4 white bass. 3 where around 12" and the other was a small dink. They sure do put up a heck of a fight!! They must be spawing as all were "Milking" all over the place lol. A guy down from me was KILLING the crappie but most were on the small size. He also caught a small bass. Was there a walleye tourny there today? Bunch of boats just north of the ramp. Anyway just thought I'd share a decent hour of bank fishing.....Dan
  2. I'm coming down to Springfield this weekend but have never fished CJ Brown. I have heard of it and have been reading up on it as much as I can. Any tips on where to go?

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    On the lake itself, there a a ton os places and spots to go and catch fish... just depends on if they are biting.... when you come into town make sure to pick up a lake map from the ranger station.... it illustrates places to fish (marina, docks, beach areas, fish attractors, etc...) and then there is buck creek, which is also included on the lake map
  4. All right Flathead..are the Wb running in the creek yet???:) I was guessing they was a week or 2 of with the lake being uncommonly low.
  5. I was there yesterday, several people on the banks in the creek, me and another boat, was there for about 3 hours didn't see one white bass caught
    could of just been turned off that day, but I'm guessing another week or so after the weather stabilizes.
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    its been slow... not many WB yet, and whats in there is just little guys (5-7") so another week or 2 when the rain comes and the temps hit 70's and stay there, and the lows at night are above 50º