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  1. Spent the day on CJ yesterday (Sun.) 10:30am to about 3:30 pm. Lake level is down a few feet, water temps ran from 46 on the main lake in the morning to 52 up around the islands. Mainly a shake down crusie but we did
    fish. Nothing to report, tried casting the shoreline along the upper end for
    bass, tried casting spinners up towards the islands looking for pre stage whites, then tried trolling the main lake and dam area for eyes. Most fish
    marked were around the dam and deep 20ft plus. Water was clear to very clear up around the islands. Bring on the warm weather, I am ready, been a
    long hard winter.
  2. Was out yesterday with Hotntot and we marked a bunch of fish in front of the spillway as well ,the screen was black at times. Most fish were stacked everywhere in 22 ft or deeper. We did land (1) one 12 incher, along with a few crappie and a 4-5lb. carp, all on Vibe. We ran across CJ Brown (trolling) and he reported :S ...I think what we need is some good warm rain to get the water temp up....was between 49-52.. Still I have seen worse day on the lake, it was a great day on the lake after a long....long winter

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    I was out on friday evening at the break walls at the marina, and the lake appeared to be down a good 5-6 ft.... drove by saturday afternoon and there were several boats on the lake in front of the spillway but it didnt look like they were doing any good... anyone doing any good on the cats yet?
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    went out yesterday from 3:30 to 7:30 and tried for cats, unfortunately we were shorebound. tried buck creek with no luck, although the water was EXTREMELY clear. then took a look at the old boat ramp off grant road, still way too low. after that we headed to the marina, tried off the docks with no luck and also tried to the left of the marina where the big cove is.

    we didn't catch one dang fish but it was a beautiful day